Chicago—St. Louis—Kansas City

Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street

21st Street to Bridgeport

Bridgeport to Corwith X-ing

Corwith X-ing to Argo

Argo to Joliet

Pequot to Joliet

Mazonia to Pequot and South Joliet

Springfield to Mazonia

Godfrey to Springfield

Wood River to Godfrey

Lenox to Wood River

WR Tower to Lenox

Until the mid 2000s, Amtrak trains on the St. Louis-Chicago route used the Merchants Bridge line between Gratiot and WR Tower

SH Interlocking to WR Tower

Bremen to SH Interlocking

Gratiot to Bremen

Q Tower to WR Tower

Gratiot to Q Tower

Grand Avenue to Gratiot (St. Louis)

Service to Kansas City began on October 28, 1979 (after the cancellation of the National Limited).

Iron Mountain Junction to Grand Avenue (St. Louis)

Jefferson City to Iron Mountain Junction

Independence to Jefferson City (via Sedalia)

Kansas City (Sheffield) to Independence

Kansas City Terminal