Mountaineer and Hilltopper

The Mountaineer began on March 25th, 1975, combined with the James Whitcomb Riley between Chicago and Ashland, KY, running from Ashaldn to Kenova, WV, on the C&O and from kenova to Norfolk, VA, on the Norfolk & Western. The Mountaineer was divorced from the Riley on April 24, 1977, and was replaced by the Hilltopper, on June 1, 1977, between Catlettsburg, KY (just east of Ashland) and Washington, DC, switching from the N&W to the Seaboard Coast Line (and then RF&P) to Washington, DC, at Petersburg, VA. The last Hilltopper ran on September 30, 1979.

Kenova to Devon

Devon to Iaeger

Iaeger to Bluefield


The Hilltopper ran north from Petersburg, VA, to reach Washington, DC

AY Tower to Petersburg

AF Tower to AY Tower

AF Tower to Virginia Avenue Junction

Washington Union Terminal (Virginia Avenue Junction to New York Avenue)