Du Quoin to East St. Louis

The St. Louis District turns west off the IC mainline at a wye at DuQuoin (MP 70.9), single track, TPCS (& CTC), with overall speed limit 50 mph for both intermodal and freight trains, but a local 10 mph speed restriction on both legs of the wye as far as MP 70, after which full line speeds prevail, past MP 69.6, where CTC ends and ABS starts, the 6,075 ft. siding at Goddard (MP 69.3), and then heads west-northwest past MP 67.7, where CTC resumes, Denny (MP 64.8), where there is a wye on the north side with a line to Burning Star Mine #2, Pinckneyville (MP 61.1), where a branch from the Pyatts Fidelity Mine trails in from the south, the line turns northwest, and there is a flat crossing with the former MP line to Chester, with speed restricted to 35 mph between MP 61.1 and the flat crossing, Briar hill Mine, the 11,650 ft. siding at Layfield (MP 57.2), and a detector at MP 51.7.

The countryside along here, except for the coal mines, is typical southern Illinois grain fields, past Winkle, where the line turns west-northwest again, Swanwick, Perco Mine, the 13,017 ft. siding at Coulterville (MP 46.5), where there is a flat crossing with a UP line and a connector in the west quadrant, with speed restriction 30 mph on the crossing, Florida, Tilden (MP 42.0), Eureka Mines, where the line turns northwest, Marissa (MP 37.4), where there is a speed restriction to 30 mph entering the road crossing and a line turns away southwest to the Randolph Prep. Plant and a power plant, Lenzburg (MP 32.9), where a line from River King Mine #6 trails in from the south and there is a spur on the south side, a spur used to trail in on the north side from River King Mine #3, a speed restriction to 40 mph entering the road crossing at MP 29.0, the 10,890 ft. siding at New Athens (MP 28.6), and a bridge over a river.

The line turns north at Lementon (MP 25.0), past a detector at MP 23.0, Freeburg (MP 21.5), a location where a line once trailed in from River king Mine #1, to the east and the line turns just west of due north, the 16,823 ft. siding at Wilderman (MP 17.3), where the line turns northwest and another line from that same mine once crosses on the flat, a freight speed restriction of 30 mph between the north switch at Wilderman and MP 15.5, a freight speed restriction of 25 mph between MP 15.5 and MP 11.5, Belleville (MP 14.0), which is now essentially a suburb of St. Louis, where there were once two different wyes on the south side with an erstwhile line west to Dupo, and with an older alignment of the main line to St. Louis, two former flat crossings with erstwhile local industrial lines, a freight speed restriction of 40 mph between MP 11.5 and Church, as the line turns north, just south of west alongside the former Southern line from Louisville, northwest and southwest alongside that line, and then west-northwest, away from that line, past Church (MP 6.2), where the former alignment once trailed in and the line turns northwest again, the wye junction on the northeast side with the Alton & Southern line to its Gateway Yard (and onward to Granite City) and the Cotton Belt's Valley Yard, both of which run parallel along the north side of the line, and continues northwest along the south side of the Gateway Western yard in E. St. Louis (MP 3.9).