Trains 25 & 26, Pioneer

The Pioneer ran from June 7, 1977 until May 11, 1997, initially from Seattle to Salt Lake City (with a connection to the San Francisco Zephyr at Ogden). A through coach to the Zephyr began April 26, 1981, and a through sleeper on October 31, 1982.

Portland to Troutdale

Troutdale to OT Junction

OT Junction to Hinkle

Hinkle to Nampa

Nampa to Orchard (Boise Line)

Orchard to Pocatello

Pocatello to McCammon

McCammon to Cecil Junction (Ogden)

Prior to July 15, 1983, the Pioneer joined the California Zephyr at Ogden.

For a time after July 15, 1983, the Pioneer continued to Salt Lake City, and joined the California Zephyr there, before its terminal was shifted to Denver in 1991

Salt Lake City (Grant Tower) to Ogden

In later years, from Jun 17, 1991, the Pioneer ran through from Ogden to Denver before joining the California Zephyr

Ogden to Granger

Granger to Borie/Speer

Borie/Speer to La Salle

La Salle to Denver

The Pioneer continued east to Chicago, as part of the California Zephyr, Trains 5 & 6