Trains 35 & 36, Desert Wind

The Desert Wind ran from October 28, 1979, until May 11, 1997, initially as a Los Angeles to Ogden train connecting with the San Francisco Zephyr, with a through coach beginning October 26, 1980, and through sleeper from April 25, 1982.

Downtown Los Angeles

The train used Santa Fe's Pasadena line until April 26, 1986, switching to the Fullerton line the next day.

Santa Fe Pasadena Line

Santa Fe Fullerton Line

Cajon Pass

Barstow to Daggett and Yermo

Yermo to Lyndyll

Lyndyll to Smelter

Salt Lake City (Smelter to Grant Tower)

Prior to July, 1983, the Desert Wind continued to Ogden

Salt Lake City (Grant Tower) to Ogden

The Desert Wind continued east to Chicago, as part of the California Zephyr, Trains 5 & 6