Amtrak Trains 40 & 41, Broadway Limited/Three Rivers

The Broadway Limited ended service in September, 1995, becoming the Three Rivers (with different numbers) east of Pittsburgh, and then from Chicago (as Trains 40 & 41) in November, 1996, after a 14-month gap in service (partially filled by two Amfleet coaches carried from Chicago on the Capitol Limited from February 1, 1996), with (until April 1, 1999) no sleeping car service; sleeping car service ended October 31, 2004, and the train ended on March 6, 2005.

Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street

21st Street to Englewood

Englewood to CP 509/River Junction

CP 509/River Junction to Hammond-Whiting

Hammond-Whiting to CP 506

CP 506 to CP501/Pine Junction

Until November 10, 1990, the Broadway Limited continued to use its historic Fort Wayne Line routing (although from December 14, 1979, the trackage used between  Whiting and Gary had been the former New York Central line running parallel to the former Pennsylvania's track/right-of-way along this section, due to a Conrail trackage change).

CP 501 to Bucyrus

Bucyrus to Massilion

Massillion to Alliance

Alliance to Homewood Junction

Homewood Junction to Rochester

From November 11, 1990, the Broadway Limited shifted to the former B&O line across Indiana and Ohio, a routing kept by the Three Rivers until its demise

Pine Junction to Deshler

Deshler to Fostoria

Fostoria to Willard

Willard to Sterling

Sterling to Warwick

Warwick to Akron

Akron to New Castle

Prior to October 30, 1994, the train continued into Pittsburgh using a sharply-curving CSX (ex-B&O) line, and a backup move into the Pittsburgh station, that slowed it progress considerably. A connection at New Castle permitted its use of the routing via Rochester starting on that date.

New Castle to New Brighton

New Brighton to Rochester

Rochester to Island Avenue

Island Avenue to CP Bloom

Until July 12, 1971, the Broadway Limited was combined with the Spirit of St. Louis, between Pittsburgh and New York.

CP Bloom to Union Junction

Union Junction to ConPit

ConPit to Harrisburg

Amtrak's Broadway Limited originally had a section providing service to Washington, DC, that ran via the Port Road from Harrisburg until October 26, 1975 when it was re-routed via Philadelphia. The Washington section became the Capitol Limited, a separate train, using a completely different routing east of Pittsburgh, on October 1, 1981.


Harrisburg to Royalton

Royalton to Parkesburg

Zoo Interlocking (Philadelphia) to Parkesburg

Zoo Interlocking to 30th Street (Philadelphia)

From October 26, 1975, the train's Washington, DC, section used the Northeast Corridor south from Philadelphia.


Zoo Interlocking to North Philadelphia

North Philadelphia to Frankford Junction

Frankford Junction to Trenton

Rahway to Trenton

Hunter to Rahway

Kearney Connection to Hunter

Penn Station (New York City) to Kearney Connection

Penn Station (New York City)