La Salle to Denver

From the 8,800 ft. siding at La Salle (MP 47.2-MP 45.3), past a junction at MP 46.3, where the  ten-mile Monfort Industrial Lead trails in from the east-northeast at a wye on the east side, the line turns southwest, with speed limit 20 mph at the junction before rising to 60 mph on this single track, CTC, line, a junction with the line west to dent at the south end of the siding, Peckham (MP 42.5), Gilcrest (MP 40.3), and Houston, turning south past the 8,299 ft. siding at Platteville (MP 35.6-MP 33.9), Ione (MP 30.3), a detector at MP 28.4, a spur at Lupton (MP 25.8), where the speed limit is 50 mph, Powars (MP 22.8), where the speed limit is 60 mph again, and the 8,203 ft. siding at Brighton (MP 20.7, where the speed limit is still 60 mph, to MP 19.0, where it is 50 mph).

The line turns south-southwest, past Henderson (MP 14.1), where the speed limit is again 60 mph, the 8,232 ft. siding at Hazeltine (MP 13.0-MP 11.3), Rolla (MP 10.6), extra track at TMSI (MP 9.4), extra track at L.G. Everist (MP 8.8), DuPont (MP 8.2), a spur at Adams (MP 6.2), Sand Creek (MP 4.9), where the speed limit is 20 mph, there is a flat crossing with the BNSF main line between Fort Morgan and Denver, the UP line from Liggett trails in from the north, and Two Main Tracks, CTC, begin, an erstwhile flat crossing with a Rock Island line, Beltline Connection. (York Street, MP 4.0), where the line turns southwest, there are crossovers, CTC ends, the 2MT continue in Yard Limits, and the Denver Railway ("Belt Line") trails in from the north, and a location where the 3ft. gauge Colorado Eastern Railroad once crossed at grade.

At Pullman Junction (MP 2.2), there is a connector east to the UP line east (former Kansas Pacific), the speed limit drops to 10 mph, there are crossovers, and the UP 36th Street Yard begins on the northwest side of the line, and the line continues southwest past 36th Street (MP 1.7), where the former KP line from the east trails in on the east side and a connecting line trails in from the north, there are crossovers and the yard on the northwest side ends, while the UP Intermodal yard now lies on the southeast side, a wye on the northwest side of the line with a connecting track, and the former BN line from Fort Morgan (and Chicago) and the former D&RGW line from the west trail in from the north as the line enters Denver Union Terminal (MP 0.0), currently a stub-end terminal, the tracks to the south having been truncated in the 1980s, oriented with its exit to the north-northeast, with the depot on the east-southeast side, and the platforms covered with umbrella sheds—two "island" platforms with two tracks each, out of a total of five tracks, with a service platform between the second and third tracks. Coors Field is to the east of the north end of the platforms. At the station throat, there is a road bridge overhead, with a connecting bridge parallel to the former D&RGW line running northwest.