Ames to Indianapolis

At Ames (ex-CR MP 46.2), where there is a 6,100 ft. siding and the speed limit is 10 mph over the connection, the route turns from the former Monon line onto a Conrail branch that heads east-southeast to Indianapolis. The ex-Monon line only continues to Greencastle and Cloverdale, south of Ames, where this turn occurs, and the ex-ConRail line no longer continues west of here, so operationally, there is one line covering parts of what were once two railroads, but now are entirely CSX. The ex-CR Ames siding is on the north side of the line, with two trvcks on the south side serving grain silos.

The line continues, out in the countryside, with an overall speed limit of 60 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freights, past Cor (MP 43.6), where a spur heads south to the Nucor Steel plant, Linnsburg, New Ross, where a Central Indiana railway line once crossed at grade, Ross (MP 32.7), a grade crossing, Jamestown, where there is a 35 mph speed limit from MP 31 to MP 30, a grade crossing, Lizton, a grade crossing, Raintown, a spur to industry on the north side, grade crossings, and Pitt, past a road crossing at MP 13.2 which has a 40 mph speed limit until the head end has passed the crossing, to CP Clermont (MP 12.6), with a 30 mph speed limit from MP 12.9. The line turns south, with housing on the east side, as the Logansport Secondary trails in from the north at CP Clermont, with  a through truss bridge over a street on that line, just north of the junctions, and the overall speed limit falling to 50-30, Hatch, light industry on both sides of the line, CP North Hunt (MP 9.5), where there is a connector west to the ex-ConRail St. Louis Line (ex-Big Four) and the huge Avon Yard that is the focus of CSX (ex-ConRail) activity in the area, and crosses the double track ex-ConRail St. Louis Line in a through girder overbridge, past a foundry to the west and a sewage farm to the east, to South Hunt (MP 8.6), where another connector from the ex-ConRail St. Louis Line and Avon Yard trails in from the west.

The line turns east at Davis, onto the erstwhile PRR line from Terre Haute and St. Louis, which no longer exists between this location and Terre Haute, and heads east-northeast, with the speed limit falling to 40-30 as of MP 7.1, past a through girder bridge over a NE-SW street, the airport alongside to the south, and a park alongside to the north, CP Holt (MP 3.5), a wye with the Petersburg Secondary, also used by the Indiana Southern, an ex-PRR, line to the south, Kraft (MP 3.0), where Transfer Yard lies alongside to the south, with extra track on the south side of the line, a road bridge overhead, and CP Woods (MP 1.6), where there is a flat crossing and connectors with the Indianapolis Belt Running Track, to CP IJ (MP 1.1), where the line, single track until just west of the junction, trails into the double track ex-CR St. Louis Line from the west-southwest, as does a remnant of the former routing of the Crawfordsville Branch, from the west-northwest.