Downtown Indianapolis

At CP IJ (MP 1.1), the current routing of the Crawfordsville Branch (once the PRR main line from the west), single track until just west of the junction, trails into the ex-CR St. Louis Line from the west-southwest, with a track trailing in from a lineside industry between the St. Louis line and the ex-PRR main, as does a remnant of the former routing of the Crawfordsville Branch, from the west-northwest. The double track St. Louis Line continues, with a slight curve to the south of east, across the White River on a deck girder bridge and past CP Kentucky Avenue (MP 0.3), where the Indianapolis Union Railway once crossed at grade with a connector in the southeast quadrant, past tracks trailing in on the south side from Indianapolis Power and Light on that side, and past the split of the passenger track on the north side from the two freight tracks on the south side that bypass the passenger station in a corrugated-sided building of their own.

The passenger track splits into two tracks which then pass into Indianapolis Union Station., where some of the platforms, canopies, and trackwork are still intact, with the two tracks running on either side of a single platform still in use, but the former headhouse is now a hotel with full convention facilities. Two of the former tracks, although disconnected from the outside world, are still present inside the hotel, holding heavyweight passenger cars that are available as hotel rooms, while most of the rest of the space inside the trainshed is now outfitted as hotel accommodations. At each end, the trainshed had five large arches (all still visible from the outside), each of which once passed a pair of tracks, plus two smaller aches at the outer edges, each of which had a single tracks. The southernmost small arch and the southern half of the southernmost large arch still have tracks passing through them, the rest have hotel walls and windows within them.

At the east end of the station, the two remaining passenger tracks trail into the north side of the freight tracks, while the Louisville line departs to the south from the more southerly freight tracks  and turns away south, with a wye track coming from the otehr direction joining it not far to the south. The ex-Conrail line becomes the Indianapolis Line east of the station (but operationally, the break is at Avon Yard). The station is at MP 283.8 on the Indianapolis Line, which continues just south of east, past IU (MP 283.7), a wye with an Indianapolis Union Railway line heading south, and then angling just north of east to Washington Street (MP 283.1), where the Indianapolis Line turns away northeast to take up the erstwhile Big Four routing, another ex-Big Four line (once going to Cincinnati) heads away southeast to Beech Grove and beyond, and the CSX (ex B&O) Hamilton subdivision to the eponymous town in Ohio, continues due east.

The speed limit is 40 mph from CP IJ to CP Kentucky Avenue, and  15 mph thence to Washington Street. There are Two Main Tracks, CTC, over this entire line segment.