Trains 52 & 53, Floridian

Named the South Wind at its Amtrak inception, the train was renamed the Floridian and gtiven numbers 52 & 53 on November 14, 1971. The last runs of the Floridian ended on October 9, 1979. Initially, the train ran from Chicago's Central Station, via Kankakee, to Indianapolis, and thence to Louisville.

Illinois Central

Central Station

South Wye Junction to BRC Connections

BRC Connections to BOCT Connection

BOCT Connection to Harvey

Harvey to Richton

Richton to Kankakee

Penn Central (New York Central/Big Four)

Kankakee to Templeton

Templeton to Lafayette (Altamont)

Altamont to Brant

Brant to IJ (Indianapolis)

CP IJ to Washington Street (Downtown Indianapolis)

IU to Columbus, IN

Columbus, IN to Jeffersonville

Jeffersonville to Louisville

On January 25, 1972, the train shifted to the traditional South Wind route from Chicago Union Station, via Logansport, IN, to Indianapolis and thence to Louisville (as above).

Penn Central (Pennsylvania Railroad)

Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street

21st Street to Englewood

Englewood to CP 509/River Junction

CP 509/River Junction to Colehour Junction and Hammond-Whiting

Colehour Junction to Bernice

Bernice to Maynard

Maynard to Peoria Junction (Logansport)

Routes into Indianapolis varied on a day-to-day  basis according to traffic, moving from the north to Indianapolis either from Peoria Junction or Anderson

Peoria Junction to CP Clermont

CP Clermont to Indianapolis (CP IJ)

Peoria Junction to Anoka (Logansport)

Anoka to Anderson

Belt Junction (Indianapolis) to Anderson

Washington Street to Belt Junction (Indianapolis)

From August 1, 1974, the train took up the former C&EI route to Evansville, IN, and the L&N thence to Nashville, to pick up its previous route (see below).

Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street

Chicago & Western Indiana

21st Street to 76th Street +

81st Street to Dolton Junction

Chicago & Eastern Illinois

Dolton Junction to Thornton Junction

Woodland Junction to Thornton Junction

Woodland Junction to Evansville

Louisville & Nashville

Evansville to Henderson

Henderson to Arklow

Arklow to Morton (Two Routes)

Morton to Guthrie

Guthrie to Amqui

Amqui to Maplewood

Maplewood to Nashville/Union Station

From March 13, 1975, the route was switched to the former Monon from Chicago to Louisville, and thence its former route southward.

Louisville & Nashville (Monon)

Thornton Junction to Maynard

Maynard to Dyer & St. Johns

Dyer to Monon

Monon to Lafayette

Lafayette to Ames

Ames to Orleans

Orleans to K&I Junction (New Albany)

Kentucky & Indiana Terminal

Louisville & Nashville

Louisville Union Station to South Louisville Shops

South Louisville Shops to SW/Osborn Yard

SW/Osborn Yard to Memphis Junction

Memphis Junction to Amqui

Amqui to Maplewood

Maplewood to Nashville/Union Station

Nashville/Union Station to Radnor Yard

Radnor/Brentwood to Decatur

Decatur to Black Creek (Birmingham)

Black Creek to 27th St/14th St (Birmingham)

Parkwood (Birmingham) to 27th St/14th St

Montgomery to Parkwood (Birmingham)

Seaboard Coast Line

Montgomery to Waterford

Waterford to Thomasville

Thomasville to Waycross

Waycross to Folkston

Folkston to Callahan

 Callahan to Grand Junction (Jacksonville)

Grand Junction (Jacksonville) to Seminole Connection (Jacksonville)

Seminole Connection (Jacksonville) to Auburndale

Auburndale & Lakeland to Tampa

For most of its life, the train split the Miami section away from the Tampa section at Jacksonville, and ran it via Ocala. (From April 25 to June 15, 1976, the train split at Auburndale.)

Carnegie to Seminole Connection (Jacksonville)

Baldwin to Duval Connection/Carnegie

Baldwin to Auburndale

Auburndale to Sebring

Sebring to Miami