Trains 58 & 59, City of New Orleans
(ran as the Panama Limited from November 14, 1971 to February 1, 1981)

East Bridge Junction to New Orleans (NOUPT)

East Bridge Junction to Orleans Junction (New Orleans)

Orleans Junction to Hammond

Hammond to Jackson

Jackson to Memphis via Grenada (prior to September 10, 1995)

Jackson to Memphis via Yazoo City (since September 10, 1995)

Memphis to Fulton

Fulton to Du Quoin

Du Quoin to Edgewood

Edgewood to Gilman

Gilman to Richton

Harvey to Richton

BOCT Connection to Harvey

BRC Connections to BOCT Connection

South Wye Junction to BRC Connections

The train used Illinois Central station in Chicago until March 5, 1972, moving to Union Station thereafter.

St. Charles Air Line

Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street