Trains 9 & 10, North Coast Hiawatha

The train that would become the North Coast Hiawatha began service on June 14, 1971, often running tri-weekly., except in high summer. Service ended on October 7/8, 1979.

The North Coast Hiawatha and the Empire Builder ran as one train west of Spokane until Jun 11, 1973, when the Hiawatha moved to the former GN Seattle-Spokane route

Seattle to Everett

Everett to Spokane

Spokane to Sandpoint

Sandpoint to Paradise

Paradise to De Smet via Evaro Hill

De Smet to Garrison

Garrison to Helena (Mullan Pass)

Helena to Logan

Logan to Laurel

Laurel to Huntley

Huntley to Glendive

Glendive to Mandan

Mandan to Jamestown

Jamestown to Surrey Junction

Surrey Junction to Fargo

Fargo to Staples

Staples to Coon Creek

Coon Creek to University

University to Westminster

Westminster to Hoffman Avenue

Hoffman Avenue to Newport

Newport to St. Croix Junction

St. Croix Junction to La Crescent

La Crescent to Portage

Portage to Watertown

Watertown to Milwaukee

Milwaukee to Rondout

Tower A20 to Rondout

Pacific Junction to Tower A20

Tower A2 to Pacific Junction

Chicago Union Station to Tower A2