Trains 97 & 98, Silver Meteor

Penn Station (New York City)

Penn Station (New York City) to Kearney Connection

Kearney Connection to Hunter

Hunter to Rahway

Rahway to Trenton

Frankford Junction to Trenton

North Philadelphia to Frankford Junction

Zoo Interlocking to North Philadelphia

Zoo Interlocking to Arsenal (Philadelphia)

Newark, DE to Arsenal (Philadelphia)

Perryville to Newark, DE

Baltimore to Perryville

Landover to Baltimore

New York Avenue to Landover

Washington Union Terminal (Virginia Avenue Junction to New York Avenue)

AF Tower to Virginia Avenue Junction

AF Tower to AY Tower

AY Tower to Centralia

Centralia to North Weldon

North Weldon to Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount to Contentnea

Contentnea to Selma

Selma to Pembroke

Pembroke to Dillon

Dillon to Lane

Lane to Charleston

Charleston to Yemassee

Yemassee to Savannah

Savannah to Jesup

Jesup to Folkston

Folkston to Callahan

 Callahan to Grand Junction (Jacksonville)

Grand Junction (Jacksonville) to Seminole Connection (Jacksonville)

Seminole Connection (Jacksonville) to Auburndale

For the first 25 years of Amtrak's existence (1971-1996), the Silver Meteor spawned a Tampa section, numbered 87 and 88, that ran directly west from Auburndale:

Auburndale & Lakeland to Tampa

Auburndale to Sebring

Sebring to Miami