Barboursville to Logan, and branches

Lines in the Guyandotte River Valley, south from Barboursville (just east of Huntington):

The lines are universally single track, with passing sidings as needed, often maintained to standards suitable only for quite low speeds, even though the loads they must bear are heavy coal trains. The lines are mostly alongside the streams in the centers of the various valleys, which are heavily wooded except where there are towns and villages, and of course coal company facilities. In spite of casual appearances, this area comprises not mountains arising from a plain, but rather river valleys cut into the Appalachian Plateau, a sloping flat area rising slowly from west to east, originating at about 800 ft. near Cincinnati and rising to over 3000 ft at the Appalachian Front on the eastern border of West Virginia. This explains why so many mountains in this state have flat tops!

At the crossover, signal bridges and wye at Barboursville (MP 494.7/0.0), the Logan subdivision heads away to the southwest from the siding on the south side of the line, double track CTC, turning west, curvily south, curvily east, and south-southeast as far as MP 3.6, and  single track, Direct Traffic Control thereafter, entering the Salt Block at MP 3.6, with overall speed limit 35 mph and local speed restriction 30 mph to MP 4.0, past Martha, and a through truss bridge at MP 4.4, turning curvly east-southeast past a through truss bridge at MP 6.6, north-northeast past Inez, clockwise to curvily south past Roach, MP 16.2, where the Salt Block ends and the Branch Block starts, West Hamlin (MP 17.2), Sheridan, Branchland (MP 22.5), MP 23.0, where the Branch Block ends and the Mid Block starts, Hubbell, and Midkiff (MP 26.5).

The line turns west-southwest, and makes a counter-clockwise horseshoe back to the east, with a speed restriction of 30 mph between MP 29.0 and MP 29.8, past the 12,333 ft. east side siding at Ranger (MP 31.4), MP 31.6, where the Mid Block ends and the Ranger Block starts, south, MP 33.8, where the Ranger Block ends and the Ugly Block starts, east, south, MP 35.4, where a speed restriction of 30 mph starts, east, south past Gill, where the Guyan, Big Ugly, and Coal Creek Railroad once headed east, west, south, east, clockwise to southwest, Sandcreek (MP 38.3), west, curvily south, MP 41.6, where the Ugly Block ends, Harts Creek (MP 42.1), curvily east-southeast, MP 44.4, where full line speed resumes, a detector at Ferrellsburg (MP 45.3), MP 47.6, where a 30 mph speed restriction starts, small counter-clockwise and then clockwise horseshoes, Big Creek (MP 50.5), where it turns just west of due south, and MP 51.2, where full line speed resumes.

There is a curve to the east-southeast, one to the southwest, a counter-clockwise horseshoe back to the east-northeast, Chapmanville (MP 54.5), a turn curvily south, Phico, a turn curvily east and then south-southeast, Pecks Hill, a turn southwest (not far over the mountain from the Monclo Prep Plant to the east), Henlawson, a turn south, MP 60.0, where Yard Limits start, West Peach Creek (MP 62.3), north end of the yard, the yard on the west side of the line at Peach Creek (MP 63.4), a speed restriction of 10 mph between MP 64.5 and MP 66.8, through Logan, FD Cabin, south end of the yard (MP 65.0), and Logan (MP 65.2), where Double Track, current-of-traffic starts, still in Yard Limits, and the Island Creek sub. heads off to the west.

Logan to Gilbert

The Logan sub. now heads east, past the end of Yard Limits at MP 66.0 and MP 66.8, where full line speed (35 mph) resumes, and turns south, past SW Cabin (MP 67.1), where the Rum Block starts, Stollings (MP 67.4, where single track resumes and the Dingess Run Industrial Track heads away on the east side to Fort Branch (and formerly Bandmill Hollow, Wanda and Hetzel), and McConnell, making a counter-clockwise horseshoe to the northeast, then east and south again, past Dabney and Rum Junction (MP 70.8), where the Rum Creek Industrial Track heads away on the east side to Orville, the Rum Block ends and the Wilber Block starts.

The line turns southeast, makes a sweeping curve just south of due west, past Lyburn, and turns south and then southeast to Snap Creek Junction (MP 74.8), where the Snap Creek Industrial Track heads away south  on the west side to Don, the Wilber Block ends, and the Man Block starts, and the line turns east, south-southeast past Earling, southeast and south past the west side siding and yard at Taplin (MP 77.5) and MP 78.6, where the Man Block ends and the Wylo Block starts, and west to Man (MP 78.9), where the Buffalo sub. heads away on the east side to Lundale No. 2 and Saunders and the main line turns just east of due south to RH Junction (MP 79.2) where the Rock House Industrial Track leaves on the west side to Garnette and another branch once left to the east.

There is a turn south-southwest, south-southeast, and south again past Landville, and then east to Christian and just east of due south to Wylo (MP 84.1), where the Elk Creek Industrial Track heads away on the east side to Guyan No. 10, the Wylo Block ends and the Gil Block starts, and the line continues south-southwest to Warner, west, southeast, south, southwest, southeast, and south again to the End of Track (MP 90.9) near West Glibert and an erstwhile connection with the still extant former Norfolk & Western

Logan to Scarlet

This single track, Yard Limits line heads west from the junction at Logan (MP 0.0), past a through truss bridge at MP 0.1, with speed restriction 10 mph to MP 0.5 and speed limit 25 mph thereafter, past the end of Yard Limits at MP 0.4, Monitor Junction (MP 0.8), where the Logan & Southern sub. turns away south, and DTC and the Island Block starts, a through truss bridge at MP 0.9, and Mud Junction (MP 1.1), turning south, west, and west-southwest, past Whitman Junction (MP 2.9), where the Whitman Creek Industrial Track to IC Mine No. 20 turns away south, Trace Junction (MP 3.6), where the speed limit drops to 10 mph, the Island Block ends and the Holden Block starts, and a line to Diamond Mine once left on the north side, and Holden.

The line turns southwest, past the Holden Trace Creek Coal Company and the Alex Energy loadout, both of which seem to be truck served in 2003, and then west-southwest again past Island Creek Coal Company Mine no. 21 (MP 5.5), a tunnel, MP 7.6, where the Holden Block ends and the Scar Block starts, the end of the Main Track at MP 9.6), a turn south-southwest and the Laurel Run Mine Company’s loadout at Scarlet (MP 10.6). Although the facilities are clearly evident and in good repair, in 2003, it would seem that this facility has not been operational for some time. No employees or employee vehicles are present and the facility’s perimeter fence is all locked up.

Monitor Junction to Sarah Ann

From Monitor Junction, the single track, DTC, line heads curvily south, with speed limit 25 mph (but 15 mph on the junction), past Wilkinson, turning east past Monaville (MP 2.9) and Rossmore (MP 3.8), and curvily just west of due south, past Switzer, Micco, Chauncey (MP 7.1), Omar (MP 8.1), where the Pine Creek sub. turns away west, the speed limit drops to 20 mph, the Omar Block ends and the Rat Block starts, and Barnabas, where it turns south, and then turns just south of due east past Stirrat (MP 10.2), where there is a spur to a mine to the south, and Sarah Ann (MP 11.7).

From Omar, the Pine Creek sub. heads curvily west, single tack, DTC, in the Pine Block, with speed limit 10 mph, past I.C. Mine No. 22 (MP 5.3) to Hobet No. 7 Mine (MP 6.0), at Pine Creek.