Bellevue to Manhattan Junction (Toledo)

From Yeomans, western end of the present Wheeling & Lake Erie, which makes an end-on connection, the Toledo District line, once part of the earlier Wheeling & Lake Erie, turns west, single track, Traffic Control, maximum speed 50 mph, but local restriction 25 mph, with the right-of-way of an erstwhile New York Central line alongside to the south, passing MP 53.5, where the speed restriction drops to 15 mph, beneath a bridge carrying the NS Sandusky Line and Fostoria Line over that erstwhile former New York Central line and the current NS Toledo District, turning just north of due west past Mad River Connection (MP 53.1), with the connection to Bellevue, the NS Sandusky District and the NS Fostoria District, trailing in on the north side, MP 53.0, where the speed restriction rises to 30 mph (20 mph until the locomotive has entered a grade crossing), the Mad River and Nickel Plate museum, on the north side, and the yard on the north side at Klines (MP 50.7), whence full line speed prevails.

There was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile Big Four line to Sandusky, at Clyde (MP 46.8), where there are curves  with a 30 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 46.2 to MP 45.0 and a 45 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 44.3 to MP 44.15, and the line continues west-northwest, past a detector at "Green Creek" (MP 41.6), the spur for Wahl Refractories at MP 41.3, and the 6,370 ft. siding at Green Creek (MP 41.1), leaving the erstwhile former NYC r-o-w behind and bridging over a river as the line turns north-northeast, with a 30 mph speed restriction on the curve from MP 38.2 to MP 37.6, past Fremont (MP 37.7), and a 35 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 37.6 to MP 35.7, as the line turns just west of due north, to Kingsway.

The line then turns north, past a 35 mph speed restriction through Oak Harbor, from East End Bridge (MP 26.10) to MP 25.56, the House Track at Oak Harbor (MP 26.0), and a bridge over the Water-Level Route (former Conrail Chicago Line), turning west-northwest with a 45 mph speed restriction from MP 25.40 to MP 25.15, past a detector at "Limestone" (MP 21.2), Limestone, a branch from Locust Point trailing in on the north side, Trowbridge, the 4,282 ft. siding at Williston (MP 13.6), Curtice, where the former right-of-way of the erstwhile Toledo & Eastern comes alongside to the south, Booth, and the erstwhile T&E turning away west.

Yard Limits start, the maximum speed drops to 10 mph, the signaling ends and the line becomes single track, dark territory, at Mile Post 8 (MP 8.0), past the yard at Homestead (MP 6.5), where a line from a power plant on Lake Erie trails in from the east, Ironville (MP 5.4), where there is a signaled flat crossing and junction with a CSXT line from Walbridge to the Presque Isle Yard and Lakefront Dock, a wye on the south side with the Front Street Yard, a spur to a Nabisco Plant in the east bank of the Maumee River and a spur to a Sunoco Oil Refinery, an erstwhile spur on the south side to the (former?) Koppers Toledo Plant, also on the east bank of the river, the signaled opening bridge over the Maumee River at Drawbridge (MP 2.8), a former flat crossing with an erstwhile Ann Arbor branch at Summit Street (MP 2.5), and Manhattan Junction, Toledo (MP 2.1), where the line makes a connection with the former Ann Arbor Railroad, trailing in from the south and heading away north-northwest and a Detroit and Toledo Shore Line line heading north, and the erstwhile line to the Wheeling & Lake Erie Toledo station once headed southwest.