Bellevue to Sandusky

From Southwest Street (MP 95.8), where the NS Fostoria District trails in from the west, a bridge over a former New York Central line and the current NS Toledo District, the connection east to the Bellevue Yard and the NS Fostoria District at Bellevue (MP 96.0), and the connection to the NS Toledo District, trailing in on the west side at MP 96.1, the Sandusky District continues north-northeast, single track, Traffic Control, maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for other freight trains, past another Bellevue Yard connection at Center Street (MP 96.4), Potter Road (MP 98.3), Parkertown, Weyers, the yard at Bayside (MP 105.9), where Traffic Control ends, a turn to the north, the yard at Sandusky, where an erstwhile spur to a (former?) GM Plant once left to the east, a turn north-northeast, the flat crossing with the former Conrail (Water-level Route) Chicago Line at Sandusky (MP 109.3), a turn northeast, where an erstwhile Lake Erie & Western line once trailed in from the southwest, and a turn north-northeast, where that erstwhile LE&W once continued northeast, onto the Sandusky Dock, a pier extending into Sandusky Bay for transloading coal onto lake boats for onward delivery.