Bostic to Spartanburg

From the 6,808 ft. east-side siding from North Bostic (MP 243.3), where the Back Lead (10 mph) goes off on the east side (MP 243.6), past Bostic Yard on the east side, to South Bostic (MP 245.0), where the Charlotte subdivision from Florence trails in on the east side, the line turns south, single track, CTC, maximum speed 50 mph, but with local 40 mph restriction to MP 245.4, past a bridge carrying a former Seaboard line overhead, Forest City, where the line turns just west of due south, a bridge over a former Southern branch, a detector at Blanton (MP 251.7), Harris, where it turns just east of due south, the junction with the  Duke Branch (to a Duke power plant) on the east side (15 mph on the branch) at Brice (MP 258.3), start of a 45 mph speed restriction to MP 258.6, where the line turns south-southwest, across the border between North Carolina and South Carolina, turning south past the 6,642 ft. west-side siding, from North Chesnee (MP 261.2) to South Chesnee (MP 262.5), a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 267.6 to MP 268.9, Mayo, south-facing spurs on both sides at Kosa (MP 270.1), a detector at Enola (MP 271.0), and a north-facing spur on the east side for Southern States at Rice (MP 271.7), turning southwest at Forester (MP 273.3), past Peach Valley, Lawson, a bridge over a former Southern branch, the start of Yard Limits and restricted speed, with the north end of the yard on the west side, at Spartanburg (MP 275.0), and Spartanburg Yard (MP 276.6), where there is a connector on the east side to the Southern Main Line, and an end-on connection to a former Atlantic Coast Line line that passes beneath the Southern Main Line in a tunnel.