Buttonwood to Minooka Junction

From Buttonwood (MP 692.43), where the former PRR line once turned just south of due east, to South Wilkes-Barre, the present line continues just north of due east, on the former Wilkes-Barre Connecting Railroad, single track, Direct Control System, maximum speed 15 mph, past a grade crossing, a through girder bridge over an angled street, and six through girder bridges over streets, turning northeast, on a high embankment above the town, past Carey Avenue, where there was once a flat crossing with west and south quadrant connectors, with an erstwhile Delaware & Hudson line, a through girder bridge over a street, and a multi-span through-truss bridge over the Susquehanna River, and just north of due east, on an embankment high above the surrounding city, past three bridges over streets, a bridge over a road, the former location of a flat crossing with an erstwhile Lehigh Valley line, and running on a brick causeway, with Wilkes-Barre to the south and then southeast, on a deck girder viaduct across another bridge over the Susquehanna River.

On the south side of the Susquehanna River, the line turns east,  past a former crossing with the erstwhile Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley Railroad, a bridge over a road,  a through truss bridge where the Pocono Northeastern (once a Lehigh Valley line) passes below, turning from the north-northeast, on the north side, to the east-southeast, to pass below, and heads away south, on the south side, and an angled grade crossing, northeast, along the north side of a tributary river, past dual road bridges overhead, a wooded area, and a grade crossing, and just north of due east, to Hudson (MP 685.94), where a D&H line through downtown Wilkes-Barre trails in from the southwest, on the south side.

As it passes through the former Hudson Yard, the line turns northeast, now on a former Jersey Central routing, past a grade crossing at MP 685.92, in the woods, and a bridge over a stream, and then north-northeast, through a wooded area, past a grade crossing, bridging over a side river twice, past a spur trailing in on the north side at a coal yard and a grade crossing, before turning east-northeast past  a grade crossing, a rail-served industry to the south, two extra tracks to the south, a sour trailing in across a road to the south, a grade crossing at Yatesville (MP 682.43), where there was once a flat crossing with the erstwhile Wilkes-Barre & Eastern (and still is a spur), and a grade crossing, north, past two grade crossings, just north of due east, past another grade crossing, and east-northeast, with a road to the north, past the erstwhile junction at CPF679 (MP 679.38), where the former Lehigh Valley now operated by the Reading & Northern passes below, from the southwest, and heads just east of due north.

The D&H heads north-northeast, now Rule 261 (CTC), Automatic Bock Signals, past a through truss road bridge overhead, Avoca (MP 678.77), with an old wooden depot the south, a grade crossing, Duryea Junction, where there was once a crossing with the erstwhile Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley, a grade crossing, and a bridge carrying the Pocono Northeastern (a former Erie line) overhead, northeast past a grade crossing, a bridge over a drainage channel, and a grade crossing, to come alongside the Lackawanna River at Moosic (MP 676.97), past a detector at MP 676.9, and just east of due north, past a road bridge overhead, the junction with the Delaware-Lackawanna (original Delaware & Hudson), heading east (on the south side), at Carbon (MP 675.00), a through truss bridge over the Lackawanna River, and a turn northeast, with the river alongside to the south, to Minooka Junction (MP 673.95), where the Pocono Northeastern (on a former Lackawanna line) trails in from the southwest (on the north side of the line).