CH Cabin to D Avenue (Columbus)

From crossovers at CH Cabin (MP 91.6), where the former Hocking Valley line from the southeast Ohio coalfields, now run by Indiana & Ohio Central, trails in from the southeast and the line turns northwest to Parsons Yard, emerging past a spur trailing in from Buckeye Steel to the east, and a crossover (20 mph on the switch) at Buckeye Six (MP 5.5), double track, current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), Yard Limits, maximum speed 40 mph, with a 35 mph speed restriction for trains over 20,000 tons, and a local 30 mph speed restriction, turning north, past a former Toledo & Ohio Central line trailing in on the east side at South Columbus (MP 4.5), and just west of due north, with the Scioto River alongside to the west, past a crossover at Frankfort Street (MP 2.5), where a former Toledo & Ohio Central line separates on the west side, but then runs alongside to the west.

Both lines bridge over the Scioto River on a through truss bridge over the Scioto River  at MP 1.7, past crossovers and a flat crossing with the former Conrail Cincinnati Line (now the NS Dayton District), and erstwhile PRR main line west at LM Cabin (MP 0.0), a through truss bridge over the Scioto River, a connector east to the erstwhile Union Station, departing at D Avenue, crossovers, and a flat crossing with a former Conrail (former PRR) line at HV Junction (MP 0.8).