Croxton Yard to Dupont Junction

From Croxton Yard (aka Pittston Yard< MP 186.4), the former Lehigh Valley heads south-southeast, Direct Control System, maximum speed 10 mph, past Pittston Junction (MP 185.5/178.9), the junction between the former Lehigh Valley passenger (easterly) and freight (westerly) lines, with the former bridging over the Lackawanna River, where the Erie leaves to the east, and the former LV passenger line turns east, climbing the grade to the bridge over the former Erie, a bridge over a road, a bridge over the former Lackawanna, a bridge over an east-west road, turning southeast past a grade crossing with a north-south street, a closed grade crossing with an east-west street, a street alongside to the northeast,  Duryea Junction (MP 177.2), where there is a connector on the northeast side over to the former Erie, running parallel on that side, the former Lehigh Valley heads south-southeast, Direct Control System, past two grade crossings, a former railroad bridge overhead (once carrying the erstwhile Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley interurban), a road bridge overhead, and a drainage channel to the east, south-southwest, turning southwest past a grade crossing, a through truss bridge carrying the Delaware &Hudson line overhead (Sunbury to Scranton), a turn to the west-southwest, and  junction with the connector from Delaware & Hudson, trailing in on the north side at the crossover at CP DuPont (MP 175.5).