Devon to Iaeger

From Devon (MP 446.7), and Buchanan Branch Junction, where the line turns east, the long Buchanan Branch south from Richards, on the Norton line, trails in from the south through a tunnel located in Kentucky immediately south of the wye with the main line, the legs of which are located on bridges across the Tug Fork, the double track, CTC, line, with speed limit 40 mph, turns north, past crossovers at Ought-One and detectors at Looneys Creek (MP 445.0), making a clockwise horseshoe, around a river bend, back to the south, then curvily east, past Lindsey (MP 442.6), east-northeast, south past detectors at MP 441.6, and counter-clockwise, within a river bend, back to the north, turning east to Glen Alum (MP 440.2), where a coal branch heads off to the north to Light, and continuing curvily east past Ben (MP 438.8) and Wharnecliffe (MP 437.9), where another branch heads north to Gilbert.

The line turns south-southwest, still following the river, past crossovers at Old Joe (MP 437.4), and then curvily east before turning curvily south past crossovers at War Eagle (MP 435.1), where a branch from Eraw once trailed in from the northeast, Alnwick (MP 434.3), counter-clockwise within a river bend to the east-northeast, southeast to Wyoming, where another branch once trailed in from the northeast, southwest and then curvily south-southeast past Mohawk and crossovers at Panther (MP 429.5), curvily east past detectors at MP 427.9, south and curvily east again, past Krollitz, where a 20,300 ft. siding starts, northeast to Hull (MP 424.7), where the siding ends, southeast, east, and south to the junction at Iaeger (MP 421.9), where another long branch heads south to Cedar Bluff on the Norton line, just a couple of miles east of Richards, and the main line turns just north of due east.