Dupont Junction  to Laurel Run (former LV)

From the junction with the connector from Delaware & Hudson, trailing in on the north side at the crossover at CP DuPont (MP 175.5), where the line from Mehoopany trails in from the north-northeast (on the north side), the D&H continues west-southwest, the R&N heads south-southwest, Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 25 mph to MP 175.4 and 30 mph thereafter, now on a stiff upgrade on a climbing ledge on the north slope of the hillside south of the valley of the Susquehanna River, past two grade crossings, and turning southwest, past a bridge over a road,  and a detector on Track 2 (eastward) at "Avoca" (MP 175.0), just north of due west, past a grade crossing, and a track curving away south, making a counter-clockwise horseshoe to southeast, and turning south-southwest again, past an angled wide road bridges overhead, angled dual road bridges overhead (I-81), and a track splitting off on the east side at  Jenkins (MP 172.3), where there was once a crossing with the erstwhile Wilkes-Barre & Eastern.

The line turns south-southeast, up the valley of a stream, high on an embankment in the woods, past Techniglass (MP 171.1), southwest, bridging over that stream, south-southwest, past a detector on Track 2 at "Jenkins" (MP 169.8), southwest, bridging over a stream and passing a detector on Track 1 (westward) at "Hendlers" (MP 169.2), south-southwest, up the valley of another stream and past a lake on the west side, southwest, past a grade crossing in the woods, on the upgrade, south-southwest, and southwest again, up the valley of yet another stream (to the west), past  a detector on Track 2 at "Oliver Mills" (MP 165.3), an angled road bridge overhead,  and the reduction to single track, Rule 261, at CP Laurel Run (MP 164.1/161.2), as the line takes up the routing of the former Jersey Central.