East Mahanoy to Mt. Carmel

From East Mahanoy Junction (MP 103.7), where lines to Jim Thorpe and to Hazleton head away north (with a junction not far away to the north), while the single track, DCS, Little Schuylkill Branch continues west, with speed limit 25 mph, past Mahanoy Tunnel (MP 106.2), where the line turns west-northwest to pass through the eponymous tunnel (which a Lehigh Valley branch to Buck Mountain once passed above) and then turns just south of due west, past Mahanoy City (MP 109.2), location of the Blaschak colliery, where a Lehigh Valley branch once crossed on the flat, Mahanoy City Yard (MP 112.0), St. Nicholas, Bear Run Junction, where an erstwhile Reading line to Frackville once left on the south side, Gilberton, Mahanoy Plane, where another erstwhile Reading line to Pottsville and West Cressona once headed south-southeast.

The Shenandoah Branch to the Rosa colliery trails in from the east-northeast at Shenandoah Junction (MP 115.2), and the Little Schuylkill Branch continues west, past Girardville (MP 116.8), making a sweeping turn to the south past Ashland (MP 119.9) and a turn west-southwest past Gordon (MP 121.9), after which it makes a very curvy turn to the (generally) north as it heads up towards the crossing of the ridge, and then west at Locustdale for the final climb to Locust Summit (MP 127.3), location of the Gilberton Fines colliery, crossing the ridge and descending past [Locust] Gap (MP 130.0), where Yard Limits start and the line turns north, Mount Carmel Junction (MP 130.4), where there is a siding, and the line turns east-northeast, and Nora, where the line meets the Shamokin Valley Railroad to Sunbury (on another former Reading line), end on.