East Mahanoy to Nesquehoning Junction (former CNJ)

From the junction with the Little Schuylkill Branch at East Mahanoy, the line turns just east of due north, past a grade crossing, an angled grade crossing, a grade crossing, and a former crossing with an erstwhile routing of the Packerton Junction line to a wye on the east side of the line, where the Hazelton line continues north-northeast, and the line to Packerton Junction turns east, past Haucks (at the east end of the wye), where that erstwhile routing trails in on the south side, a spur to industry to the north, turning east-southeast, past three grade crossings, just north of due east, past the Homewood Trestle over a stream/river, to Homewood, curvily east-northeast, past a road bridge overhead, an angled road bridge overhead, a steady descent, and a track to the north trailing in from a facility, east along the south side of Lake Hauto, past a grade crossing, a dirt road grade crossing, the east end of the lake, Hauto, three grade crossings, a river to the north, then Pautinoa Creek to the north, a grade crossing, MP 116, a road to the south, and a grade crossing.

The line turns curvily just north of due east, past a rail-served industry (Metek) to the north, a siding to the north, a grade crossing at a driveway, the end of the siding, a road alongside to the south, Kronstad Mobile Equipment World HQ, to the north and south, three grade crossings, a street to the north in Nesquehoning, where there was once an erstwhile Lehigh & New England line on the south side, a grade crossing, a dirt driveway to the north, the foot of a descent, a road bridge overhead, a water treatment plant to the north, and south at Nesquehoning Junction, where the erstwhile Jersey Central main line trails in from the north over the recently-reconstructed bridge.