Emory Grove to Walbrook

At Emory Grove, the former Western Maryland main line to Hagerstown once trailed in on the west side of the line, which turns south-southeast, single track, Yard Limits, DTC, with overall speed limit 35 mph, past Glyndon, St. George's, MP 17.4, where Yard Limits end and the Emory Block starts, and Gwynnbrook (MP 16.0), where the overall speed limit rises to 40 mph and the line turns south-southeast, a detector at MP 14.2, Owings Mills, where there is a coal trestle and the line comes alongside the Baltimore Subway line, on the west side, and Green Spring Junction, where a PRR branch once headed east and the line turns southeast, McDonogh, Mount Wilson, where the line turns south-southeast again, MP 11.8, where the Emory Block ends and the Tide Block starts, Pikesville (MP 10.8), where the overall speed limit drops to 35 mph, Sudbrook, and Howardville, where the line turns east-southeast, with a 25 mph speed restriction from MP 9.8 to MP 7.4.

There is a yard on the southwest side at Leahigh EE (MP 7.7), Arlington, where the line turns south, Druid, a turn south-southeast, and the bridge carrying Baker Street overhead at the wye with the Fulton Industrial Track (the one time WM passenger line out of Penn Station) at Walbrook Junction (MP 4.0), where there is a 15 mph speed restriction (10 mph for trains to the Fulton line), the overall speed limit drops to 25 mph, and the main line turns west-southwest.