Fostoria to East Toledo

From the resumption of 2MT, crossovers and the flat crossing (35 mph on the crossing), northwest quadrant, southeast quadrant and northeast quadrant connectors with the double track former B&O Chicago main line at B&O Crossing/F Tower (MP 87.7), in Fostoria, where an erstwhile Toledo & Ohio Central line also once crossed on the flat, at an acute angle, and then ran alongside to the west, the NS (former Nickel Plate) main line crosses on the flat, there are crossovers via a short center siding at Fostoria (MP 88.4), where the 35 mph speed restriction ends, an erstwhile Lake Erie & Western Line once crossed on the flat, and the right-of-way of the erstwhile TOC turns away on the west side near where the erstwhile C&O station used to be, the line continues just west of due north, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed  50 mph for trains less than 10,000 tons, 40 mph for trains between 10,000 tons and 20,000 tons, and 35 mph for trains over 20,000 tons.

Yard Limits end at MP 91.6, and the line passes Longley, Rising Sun, detectors at "Rising Sun" (MP 95.7), Bradner (MP 99.6), a spur between the tracks, crossovers and a short center siding at Pemberville (MP 105.6), crossovers at LeMoyne (MP 111.5), detectors at "Lemoyne" (MP 113.3), the start of Yard Limits at MP 114.7, the start of single track and 30 mph maximum speed at VR Tower (MP 115.0), start of Walbridge Yard on the west side of the line, a drop in maximum speed to 25 mph, an acute-angled flat crossing with a former PRR line just north of the yard at Walbridge (MP 117.8), where double track starts, WR Tower (MP 118.4), where there is a flat crossing (20 mph on the crossing) and connectors in the east and west quadrants (10 mph on the connectors) with the Toledo Terminal east side line, and the line becomes current-of-traffic (Rule D-251), and Rockwell Junction (MP120.0), where the line trails into the south side of the Water-Level Route at the east end of East Toledo Yard.