Fraser to M&H Junction (former LV)

Fraser (MP 143.8/147.1), where the maximum speed drops to 28 mph and the line takes up the Lehigh Valley routing once again, along the west bank of the Lehigh River, the line turns back and forth to follow the valley of that river, past a grade crossing, south-southwest past a bridge over a road, a pedestrian crossing in town (White Haven),  a grade crossing, dual road bridges overhead, a detector at CP White Haven (MP 145.7), a deck girder bridge over the Lehigh River to its east side, south past a grade crossing over extra track to the east,  and a spur on the east side at Tannery (MP 143.8), a bridge abutment for the erstwhile Hays Creek Bridge (on a former LV branch, east-southeast, past a rock wall to the east, the river to the west, a detector at Hickory Run (MP 141.0), south, southwest, south past Rockport Tunnel (MP 136.8), southeast, past a dirt track grade crossing, a road to the east, the river to the west, Drakes Creek (MP 135.1), MP 134, south, Stoney Creek Curve, southwest, and south again, crossing the river to the west side on a through girder bridge to the junction with the Ashmore Secondary Track, trailing in on the west side, and resumption of Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), on the routing of the Jersey Central, at CP-M&H Junction (MP 130.6), with maximum speed 10 mph on Track 1 (westward) and 25 mph on Track 2 (eastward).