Frostburg to Cumberland

This line is the original Western Maryland main from Cumberland to Connellsville. The track serves the same endpoints as the Sand Patch line of the B&O, but by a quite different route. At Frostburg, the station is at a much lower level than the town, accessed by a long stairway. There is a turntable at the foot of the stairway, with the depot on the south side of the line to its east, alongside a siding that permits the locomotive to run around the train after it has turned on the turntable.

This segment of line is actually the former Cumberland and Pennsylvania, used to get the line closer to the center of Frostburg. The former Western Maryland is just to the north, but at a lower level.  The C&P drops down as it heads east from the station, turning north and bridging over the former WM right-of-way, now a trail as it turns northeast, and then turning southeast and bridging over that r-o-w again, and finally turning east-northeast to trails into the old r-o-w at Switch No. 9.

Now on the former WM, the descending line turns east, northeast, east, counter-clockwise to the north-northwest, curving slowly back east-northeast past Mount Savage, then southeast, east-northeast, just west of due south, counter-clockwise back just east of due north, northeast past Lap, east-northeast, east-southeast, east, south-southeast through Brush Tunnel, southeast, south, counter-clockwise around Helmstetter’s Curve, with a farm located within the curve, and northeast to the foot of the climb.

The line now turns just west of due south, entering the Narrows. The easternmost part of the route is the same as the ex-B&O—through the Cumberland Narrows. Along this stretch, the ex-B&O can be seen along the other side of the narrow valley, as the line turns just south of due east, bridging over the route of the erstwhile C&P, with the route of the erstwhile Georges Creek & Cumberland then trailing in on the south side. The line turns south, and then southeast, past the former location of City Junction, where connectors to the ex-B&O spanned the creek, and passes beneath the ex-B&O Mountain sub. viaduct before turning southeast across a road crossing into the former Western Maryland station, where the platform and brick station building are on the northeast side of the line. South of the station, the line splits, with a connector heading south to the west side of the former B&O Cumberland yard, to join that line, and a line heading southwest to the WM Scenic shops and a wye (used for turning the locomotive) at Maryland Junction, current end of the line.