M&H Junction to Lehighton/Packerton Junction (former CNJ)

From the junction with the Ashmore Secondary Track, trailing in on the west side (across the river), and resumption of Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), on the routing of the Lehigh Valley (with the erstwhile Jersey Central trackage on the west side of the river), at CP-M&H Junction (MP 130.6), with maximum speed 10 mph on Track 1 (westward) and 25 mph on Track 2 (eastward), the line heads curvily south on the east bank of the Lehigh River, past Old Penn Haven (MP 129.7), MP 126, where the maximum speed on Track 2 rises to 30 mph, a detector on Track 2 at "Jim Thorpe" (MP 123.9), Jim Thorpe/Mauch Chunk (MP 122.7), and MP 122.5, where the maximum speed on Track 2 drops to 25 mph again, as the line turns east-southeast, south to the junction with the Panther Valley line, trailing in on the west side (across the river) at CP-Packerton (MP 121.3), where Track 2 becomes Rule 261, maximum speed 20 mph, east-southeast and south again, to the end-on junction with the former Conrail Lehigh Line (using the Jersey Central route, with the erstwhile LV trackage to the west side) at Lehighton (MP 119.3/114.7), where single track resumes.