Minooka Junction to Scranton

From Minooka Junction (MP 673.95), where the Pocono Northeastern (on a former Lackawanna line) trails in from the southwest (on the north side of the line), the line heads northeast, Rule 261, Automatic Block Signals, past a dirt road grade crossing,  a 7,000 ft. north side siding, where four tracks of the former larger Taylor Yard still remain, from CPF 673 (MP 673.6), past a wye on the north side with a line north to Cayuga Junction, and signals at CPF 672 (MP 672.00), east end of the yard, a road bridge overhead, an embankment, a bridge over a street, a wooded area adjacent to the tracks, to the junction with the Delaware-Lackawanna (on the former Lackawanna main line), with a wye on the south side (single track on each leg of the wye), at Bloom (MP 671.16), with a road bridge overhead within the north side of the wye, and a road bridge overhead just beyond the north apex.