NJ Cabin to CH Cabin (Columbus)

At NJ Cabin (MP 542.9), where the double track Cincinnati line turns west, the double track line to Columbus and Toledo heads just west of due north, Two Main Tracks, CTC, maximum speed 50 mph, with restriction to 40 mph for trains between 7,000 and 14,000 tons, and 35 mph for trains over 14,000 tons, turning north-northeast, past MP 543.9/0.0, across the big through truss bridge (30 mph on the bridge, MP 1.7) across the Ohio River and over the former Norfolk & Western main line, northeast at MP 3.0 (MP 3.0), where there are crossovers and the Portsmouth Industrial Track heads away west, and then curvily just west of due north, past the start of single track, CTC at Minford (MP 9.0) and a detector at "Minford" (MP 9.5), turning north past the resumption of 2MT at BR Cabin (MP 14.0) and Stockdale.

The line turns northwest, north past Teays Junction (MP 22.0), where the Teays Industrial Track heads west to the USG Teays Atomic Energy Plant, to the crossovers and a 6,583 ft. center siding at Robbins, turning northwest past Greggs (MP 26.3), north, northwest, and north again, with a 30 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 27.2 to MP 28.7 as the erstwhile Detroit, Toledo & Ironton right-of-way comes alongside to the east, and then north-northeast, with the NS Columbus District line alongside to the west (briefly), past a former flat crossing with that erstwhile line and the start of single track at MR Cabin (MP 31.3), northeast, along the east bank of the Scioto River, past a detector at "Meadow Run" (MP 31.6) and Camp Run, curving north to the resumption of 2MT at RA Junction (MP 40.4), where the Renick Industrial Track trails in on the east side, from a portion of the former B&O main line east (now truncated), and a turn north-northwest, past Rittenours..

There are crossovers and a 7,061 ft. center siding at Vasuces (MP 45.0), crossovers between Track 2 and the siding at VA Junction (MP 46.3), where the former Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton line once continued ahead and the line to Columbus turn just west of due north, Renick Junction, where a connector down to the rump of the former B&O main line east continues ahead and the Columbus line turn northeast, bridging over the former B&O, crossovers and a reduction to single track at JD Cabin (MP 48.0), where the line curves around a bend in the Scioto River and heads north-northwest, past a detector at "VA Junction" (MP 51.3), following the east bank of the Scioto River.

The line turns northwest and then just west of due north, still following the east side of the river, past a through truss bridge at MP 54.7, over the former N&W Columbus District, Hopetown, a 14,189 ft. west side siding, from KN Cabin (MP 57.2), turning just east of due north to ZK Cabin (MP 60.1), the resumption of 2MT at LE Cabin (MP 65.1), Vee (MP 68.2), and Scippo, and north past a former flat crossing with an erstwhile PRR line, the start of single track at HC Cabin (MP 71.5), Sturm & Dillard Siding, a detector at "Dry Run" (MP 74.0), where the former N&W comes alongside to the east, Ashville, an erstwhile shortline heading west to Picway, the resumption of 2MT at Lockbourne (MP 84.8), the former N&W edging away, Reese, the start of Yard Limits at MP 90.9, and crossovers at CH Cabin (MP 91.6), where the former Hocking Valley line from the southeast Ohio coalfields, now run by Indiana & Ohio Central, trails in from the southeast and the line turns northwest to Parsons Yard.