Nescopeck to Buttonwood

From Nescopeck (MP 716.41), where an erstwhile branch to Scotch Valley and Tomhicken once headed south, and an erstwhile line to Watsonville, also on the Buffalo Line, once headed north-northwest, across the river, the line continues east-northeast, single track, Direct Control System, turning east, still following the south  bank of the Susquehanna River, past an angled grade crossing, the 7,800 ft. north side siding, from Third Street (MP 715.67) to Beach Haven (MP 714.01), with a road alongside to the south, an angled grade crossing, and a road bridge overhead, within the siding, and the Berwick nuclear power plant on the north side of the river, northeast past a dirt track grade crossing, a road alongside to the south, Wapwallopen (MP 710.82), a grade crossing in Mocanacqua, a street to the south, a bridge over an angled road, and a dirt road grade crossing in Conyngham Township.

The line turns north, past a roack wall to the south and the river to the north, and a prison to the south, east-northeast, past CPF 699, west end of a south-side siding, east-southeast past a wooded hillside to the south, the east end of the siding at CPF 697 (box to the south), a former junction with the erstwhile Jersey Central at Nanticoke, where a line still heads away south, a detector at MP 695.3, two grade crossings, a bridge over a side river, a road alongside to the south, and a grade crossing, just north of due east, with a road alongisde to the north, east-northeast, past a former crossing with an erstwhile Lackawanna line, with the line along a north-facing hillside, and a through girder bridge over another side river, and just north of due east, past a line heading away south, two grade crossings, and Buttonwood (MP 692.43), where the former PRR line once turned just south of due east, to South Wilkes-Barre, a line still heads away south, and the present line continues on the former Wilkes-Barre Connecting Railroad.