Orbisonia to Mount Union

The erstwhile coal-hauling branches of the narrow gauge East Broad Top descend into Rockhill Furnace from the southwest and east-southeast (the route currently used by the standard-gauge trolley line), passing the workshops and roundhouse (on the west side of the line, and crossing a road to the EBTís Orbisonia station, where the depot is on the west side of the line.

Almost immediately north of the station, the track crosses the subsidiary creek into Orbisonia proper, and starts running alongside the road down the valley (east side of the line), heading north-northeast. Then it climbs up a grade to a minor summit, after which it drops down into the Aughwick Creek valley, past the former City Spur on the east side, and Shireleysburg. The line currently only operates to Colgate Grove, where there is an old wye available for turning the train, and a more recently established picnic ground where visitors can have lunch and await a later train.