Patio to Deane

At Patio (MP 97.2), just south of Winchester, is a large wye on the east side of the line at which the Corbin line heads south-southwest, while the Eastern Kentucky (EK) subdivision departs to the southeast, past Patio Yard on the north leg of the wye, the east end of the wye at Strick (MP 208.1, but only a couple of miles from Patio), Waller (MP 209.0), and a detector at Rakers (MP 210.7), turning south-southeast down an 0.4% grade through two tunnels and across steel trestles at the Dry Fork Viaduct, 1440 ft. long, 225 ft. high, Howard's Creek Viaduct, and 2200 ft. long, 233 ft. high Red River Viaduct, crossing SR 89 at Mina between the latter two. The line continues past Sloan (MP 222.1), and a detector at Calla (MP 227.2), turning south past Harg and Wiseman Crossing, southeast past Tift, south and then south-southeast past Irvine (MP 232.5) to the Classification Yard, with a large shop building on the south side and a road alongside to the north, at Ravenna (MP 144.3, but only a couple of miles from Irvine).

From Cow Creek, at the southeast end of the Ravenna Yard, the line turns east, southeast past Millers creek, east and then south past the scales at Pryse (MP 150.1) and Texola, east and then south past the detector at Old Landing (MP 153.7), west and then southwest to a counter-clockwise horseshoe at Evelyn (MP 158.1), northeast, southeast, southwest, east, and south toYellow Rock, northeast and then around a clockwise horseshoe southwest and then southeast to Heidelberg (MP 170.3), where branches once left to the south, northeast, south, northeast and east to Beattyville (MP 178.1), northeast and east past Maloney, where the Lexington & Eastern once left to the north, east past a detector at St. Helens (MP 179.1?) and Degen, south and then east through a tunnel to Tallega and southeast through another tunnel to Athol (MP 187.3) and then east past Oakdale, KY (MP 191.7), Chenowee, and the Chenowee Tunnel, and northeast, down Elkatawa Hill to a detector at Gentry (MP 195.6) and then east to Elkatawa.

The line turns northeast and downgrade to O&K Junction, where the Ohio & Kentucky Railway once trailed in from the north, southeast through a tunnel and past the yard and pusher station at Jackson (MP 199.2), Bulan #4 Mine, and Radko #1 Mine, south past South Fork and South Fork #2 Mine, southeast through a tunnel to Kragon, southwest, south and east to South Fork #3 Mine, south-southwest past the Haddix Fast-Load Tipple, west, south, and west again to Copland (MP 210.5), south, east, south, west, south past Whick, southwest, east, and west-southwest past a detector at Wolfcoal (MP 216.3), south, west, east, south, southwest, south, east, southeast through a tunnel to Chaves, south and then south-southeast past Perritt (MP 224.8), west, southeast, east, southeast, east at Krypton (MP 227.2), south through a tunnel to Grimes (MP 230.3), west, southwest, southeast through a tunnel, and southwest to Hoyt, and east-northeast past Rose (MP 234.3) and Sonia, south, southeast through a tunnel, northeast to the junction with the First Creek Spur, which heads northeast at a wye at MP 235.7, south past Typo (MP 237.1), southeast and then east to Crawford Yard (MP 239.2), curvily east to Sunfire, south to Combs (MP 240.4), northeast past Starfire #3 Mine, and southeast through a tunnel to North Hazard (MP 242.0), where the Lotts Creek Branch trails in from the northeast.

The Hazard Yard heads due south through Hazard, turning east at the south end and ending before the line turns south again at a tunnel to Davidson Spur Junction (MP 243.2), east-southeast and then south past Blue Grass #3 Mine, east past Lothair, Ecco and Glomawr, south and then east past Edjouet (MP 247.3), south past Jeff (MP 248.7), where the Carrs Fork Branch turns away east, west and south to Viper, east, southeast, northeast, east, south-southwest, and east to Coolridge, south past Newsite, and south-southwest and then east to Jim Hill, where the Leatherwood Branch turns away south and the yard at Dent (MP 260.0). The line then heads generally eastward, past Cornettsville, a jog to the south, Ulvah, Sassafras #3 Mine, on a stretch heading northeast, a curve back south-southwest and then east past Karu Mine, and curvily east to Blackey (MP 268.5), where the Whitesburg Branch turns away to the south.

Now the Rockhouse Creek Branch, the line continues east past Hebe #4 Mine, northeast past Shirley, where a spur once headed north, south, east, north, and east-northeast past Sassafras #4 Mine, curvily north and then east past Shirley #1 Mine, northeast past Swanee (MP 275.3), east, north, east past a loadout at MP 276.3, north, curvily east and then northeast to Polly Branch Junction (MP 279.0), where the Camp Branch heads away southeast, with the north leg of the wye at MP 280.0, and north, east at Colson, northeast, southeast past a loadout at MP 282.0 and Kentucky May Coal's Progress Loadout, north past Airco, northeast through a tunnel past Democrat, a loadout at MP 283.8, Biscayne, and the Enterprise Coal and Kentucky Criterion Coal loadouts at Deane (MP 285.9), where the ex-L&N EK subdivision makes an end-on junction with the former C&O EB&V branch of the Big Sandy subdivision.