M&H Junction to Lehighton/Packerton Junction (former CNJ)

From the junction with the Ashmore Secondary Track, trailing in on the west side, and resumption of Double Track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), on the routing of the Jersey Central (re-occupied in 2003), at CP-M&H Junction (MP 130.6), with maximum speed 10 mph on Track 1 (westward) and 25 mph on Track 2 (eastward), the line heads curvily south on the west bank of the Lehigh River, past a rock wall to the west and the river to the east, with an extra track to the west and a bike path to the east, but still west of the river, a bridge over a stream, a rock wall to the west, south-facing signals, MP 128, the track on a ledge above the bike path and river to the east, an old pipe bridge overhead, Oxbow Curve, MP 127, signals, a rock cutting a grade crossing, a bridge over the river, a road to the east, the river to the west, a through truss bridge over the river, and a multi-span deck girder bridge over a side river (recently reconstructed). 

The line continues south at Nesquehoning Junction, where the erstwhile Jersey Central line from East Mahanoyonce trailed in from the west, continuing along the west bank of the Lehigh River on the erstwhile Jersey Central main line (now part of the Reading & Northern), past the bike path to the east, the river to the east beyond that, two extra tracks to the east, a turntable to the west, extra track to the west, extra track to the east, a road bridge overhead, extra track to the west, a street to the west, a grade crossing, and the wooden depot to the west at Jim Thorpe (Mauch Chunk), and southeast, crossing the river (away from the former Jersey Central route) to the junction with the Reading & Northern Lehigh Line, on the former Lehigh Valley route, at P-Packerton (MP 121.3), where Track 2 becomes Rule 261, maximum speed 20 mph, east-southeast and south again, to the end-on junction with the former Conrail Lehigh Line (using the Jersey Central route, with the erstwhile LV trackage to the west side) at Lehighton (MP 119.3/114.7), where single track resumes.