Pittston Junction to Minooka Junction

A former Erie sput leads from Croxton/Pittston Yard, heading south-southeast, past the junction between the former Lehigh Valley passenger (easterly) and freight (westerly) lines, with the former bridging over the Lackawanna River, where the Erie leaves in between the two ex-LV lines at Pittston Junction, curving around to the east, where the Erie line separates from the connector to the former Lackawanna (which trails in from the west at the same point). The latter heads just north of due east, past a sign saying "yard name Muller", a grade crossing, a stone retaining wall to the north, with the Erie descending on its north side to pass underneath, an angled railroad bridge carrying the Lehigh Valley passenger line overhead, a road alongside to the south, a road bridge overhead, a street alongside to the north, with the line now on embankment, a street alongside to the south, and the location known as Duryea, about 1 mile east of Pittston Junction.