Porters Junction to Emory Grove

From Junction Switch (MP 49.2), west leg of the wye with York Rail heading north-northeast, where the line turns east, and Porters Wye (MP 48.7), east leg of the wye, where the line turns southeast, the single track, Yard Limits, DTC, line, with overall speed limit 25 mph, passes the end of Yard Limits at MP 48.3, where the Porter Block starts, MP 47.5, where the overall speed limit rises to 30 mph and the line turns south, a gentle curve southeast, Brodbecks, Glenville, a tighter turn southwest, the state line between Pennsylvania and Maryland, MP 39.0, where the Porter Block ends and the Line Block starts, Lineboro (MP 38.9), where  a 25 mph speed restriction starts, a turns southeast and then south, MP 36.7, where the overall speed limit resumes, a turn southwest, Millers, a turn just west of due south, Maple Grover, Greenmount, where it turns just east of due south, MP 30.1, where the Line Block ends and the Fowble Block starts, Hampstead (MP 29.3), a turn just west of due south, Arcadia, a turn just east of due south, Boring, a turn just west of due south, Woodensburg, and a turn south to MP 22.2, where the Fowble Block ends and Yard Limits start, and Emory Grove, where the former Western Maryland main line to Hagerstown once trailed in on the west side of the line, which turns south-southeast.