Sproul to Danville, and branches

Lines in the Coal River Valley, south from St. Albans:

From the 4,850 ft. east side siding at Sproul (MP 15.0), where the Big Coal sub. departs on the east side, heading southeast, the Coal River sub. continues southwest, single track, CTC, with speed limit 25 mph, past a bridge over the Big Coal River, two tunnels, a bridge to the west bank of the Coal River, and then following that river bank in turns southeast, a speed restriction of 20 mph on curves between MP 16.3 and MP 16.6, southwest, east, clockwise to the northwest inside the bend, a speed restriction of 20 mph on curves between MP 18.3 and MP 18.5, counter-clockwise to the southeast, outside the bend, a speed restriction of 10 mph on curves between MP 20.3 and MP 20.8, clockwise to the northwest, southwest past the 10,478 ft. east side siding at MacCorkle (MP 21.8), MP 22.1, south end of the siding, where CTC ends, and DTC and the Adams Block starts, clockwise to the west-northwest, south-southeast, and then south-southwest, past Irene, MP 24.0, where the Adams Block ends and the Julian Block starts, the 3,077 ft. east side siding at Adams (MP 25.9), and Horse Creek Junction, where a branch to Cameo once headed west.

There is a speed restriction of 10 mph on curves between MP 26.9 and MP 27.0, as the line turns southeast, past Julian (MP 27.7) and MP 28.0, where the Julian Block ends and the Beth Block starts, very curvily south, still following river bends, past Beth Mine (MP 31.0), where DTC ends and Yard Limits start, Rock Creek (MP 32.9), north end of the yard, Danville (MP 34.8), where there is a yard serving the lines in this area and the maximum speed drops to 20 mph, MP 35.5, south end of the yard, Madison (MP 37.1), and Pond Jct. (MP 37.3), where the Pond Fork sub. heads away on the east side.

Yard Limits end and DTC resumes, with the Powell Block, at MP 39.0, and the line continues very curvily south, still following the river, past Haddleton, Low Gap, Powell Creek (MP 42.3), MP 44.0, where the Powell Block ends and the Cloth Block starts, Greenview, Jeffrey, Clothier (MP 49.0), where the Laurel Fork sub. heads away on the east side, and the line turns south-southwest, MP 49.1, where the Cloth Block ends and the Sharp Block starts, a speed restriction of 10 mph on curves between MP 49.7 and MP 50.0, Mifflin, Sharples (MP 51.7), where DTC ends and the Kelly Industrial Track heads away east and the Beech Creek Industrial Track continues south-southwest and then turns west-northwest to the massive Monclo Preparation Plant coal loadout facilities, at the end of the Coal River subdivision, used for loading the coal scraped off this mountaintop into hopper cars for transportation to (most likely) electric power plants.

The Laurel Fork sub. departs Clothier (MP 0.0), single track, DTC (the Ham Block), with maximum speed 10 mph, heading curvily east, and then curvily south-southeast, past Hampton No. 3 (MP 7.0) and Hampton No. 4 (MP 9.7) to End of Track (MP 10.7).

The Pond Fork sub. departs Pond Junction (MP 0.0), single track, Yard Limits, with maximum speed 20 mph, heading east and then south, past MP 3.2, where Yard Limits end and DTC starts (the Pond Block), Uneeda, the Independence Mine loadout, Robinson Creek Jct. (MP 5.7), where the Robinson Creek Industrial Track heads away on the east side, another loadout at the Robinson Creek location, where the facilities seem to be in operation, with two more at the Omar Mining mines 1 & 2 at Holbrook on the industrial track, a speed restriction of 10 mph between MP 5.7 and MP 5.9, MP 6.5, where the Pond Block ends and the Lanta Block starts, as the line continues very curvily southeast, MP 7.9, where the Lanta Block ends and the Jack Block starts, the 7,805 ft. west side siding at Lanta Mine (MP 8.0), a speed restriction of 10 mph between MP 8.2 and MP 8.6, MP 9.5, where the Jack Block ends and the Boone Block starts, and West Jct. (MP 11.6), where the West Fork sub. heads away on the east side.

The Boone Block ends and the Kohl Block starts at MP 11.7, as the line turns curvily south, past MP 15.0, where the Kohl Block ends and the Birn Block starts, and Kohlsaat (MP 15.1), and then very curvily south-southeast, past MP 17.0, where the Birn Block ends, south past Wharton and the wye on the west side at Barrett (MP 20.3), where a spur to Wharton Mine No 2 heads away up the hillside, southeast past Clinton (MP 21.7), MP 22.5, where the Barr Block starts, and Jasper (MP 23.3), and south again past MP 24.4, where the Barr Block ends and the Lick Block starts, Lick (MP 24.9), and MP 25.4, where the Lick Block ends and the Harris Block starts, and then southeast to the end of track at Harris (MP 29.1), where there is a mine.

The West Fork sub, departs West Junction (MP 0.0), single track, DTC, in the Van Block, with maximum speed 10 mph, past Van (MP 0.3), where a spur once headed north to Gordon, curvily east-southeast past MP 2.0, where the Van Block ends and the Marnie Block starts to Marnie (MP 4.5), and curvily southeast past MP 6.0, where the Marnie Block ends and the Robin Block starts, to Robinhood (MP 8.1), where there is a mine loadout and End of Track (MP 8.5).

Sproul to Jerrolds

The Big Coal subdivision leaves Sproul (MP 0.0) heading southeast, single track, CTC, with maximum speed 25 mph and a 6,027 ft. west side siding to East Sproul (MP 1.0), turning northeast, following the north bank of the Big Coal River, and then clockwise to the south, past Brounland (MP 2.0), where CTC ends,  DTC starts with the Bull Block, and the Kanawha Central line once headed east to Knickerbocker, east at Hollyhurst, then south again to Emmons, and just south of due east past Grippe to Bull Creek (MP 7.0), south past Dartmont (MP 7.3), all following the east bank of the river, southeast past MP 8.0, where the Bull Block ends and the Ash Block starts and  Ashford (MP 9.0), and curvily south past a through truss bridge at Brush Creek Junction (MP 10.1), where a branch to Ridgeview once headed southwest, and Brushton (MP 10.2).

The line turns very curvily east past Peytona, Indian Creek (MP 13.7), where the Indian Creek Industrial Track heads away on the south side, and MP 14.2, where the Ash Block ends and the Ind Block starts, with a big s-curve northeast, southwest, and then east with a 20 mph speed restriction on the curves between MP 15.5 and MP 15.8, and then south past the 7,531 ft. east side siding at Joe Creek (MP 19.4), MP 19.5, where the Ind Block ends and the Oak Block starts , and the wye with the Seth sub. on the west side at Seth (MP 20.6), where the main line turns east-southeast.

There is a turn just west of due south, then curvily east, and south past Orgas (MP 26.2), White Oak (MP 26.8), MP 26.9, where the Oak Block ends and the Keith Block starts, Darby, Keith (MP 29.0), and MP 30.7, where DTC ends and Yard Limits start, a turn east and then south-southeast past Elk Run Junction (MP 33.5), where a branch to Elk Run once headed southwest, and south past Whitesville (MP 34.8), where a line from Cabin Creek Junction once trailed in on the east side, to Jarrolds Valley Junction (MP 35.6), where Yard Limits end,  and the Big Marsh Fork sub. continues south.

The Big Marsh Fork sub. heads south from Jarrolds Valley Junction (MP 0.0), single track, DTC in the Mont Block, maximum speed 20 mph, past the Jarrolds Valley sub. heading away on the east side, Pettus (MP 1.0), where it turns south-southwest, Eunice (MP 2.0), and Birchton, turning south-southeast past Montcoal (MP 5.0), just west of due south past MP 6.1, where the Mont Block ends and the Sun Block starts and Edwright (MP 7.2), where a line to Hazy Creek once headed southwest, and turns south-southeast to the end of track at Sundial (MP 8.8), with a number of additional loadouts along the way near the south end (Big Dora, Performance Coal Company, Sundial Prep. Plant, and Shumate Contract mine).

The Jarrolds valley sub. heads east from Jarrolds Valley Junction (MP 0.0), single track, DTC in the Jarr Block, with maximum speed 20 mph, turning southeast past Leevale and then east again past Truax (MP 4.6), Colcord (MP 6.8), where the speed limit drops to 10 mph and a spur once headed south, Ameagle (MP 8.0), and MP 9.0, where the Jarr Block ends and the Eagle Block starts, turning south to RO Junction (MP 15.3), where the Rowland Industrial Track heads away south on the west side to the Consolidated Coal Company loadout, the Eagle Block ends and the Bonny Block starts, and the line turns east-southeast to the end of track at Picard (MP 18.0), where there is a loadout at the Maben Energy Salkin Mine.

The Seth sub. heads curvily south from the wye at Seth (MP 0.0), single track Yard Limits, past MP 1.5, where Yard Limits end and DTC (the Seth Block) starts, and Hopkins Fork (MP 2.9), turning very curvily south-southeast to Cabot (MP 7.2), and then south-southwest past Big Mountain to the end of track at Prenter (MP 9.3).