Sunbury to Nescopeck

From the NS Buffalo Line connector at CP-Kase (752.00), the line (a former PRR branch at this point) heads northeast, single track, Rule 261 (CTC), Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 40 mph, along the south bank of the Susquehanna River, past a flood control gate in the floodwall, CPF 72 (MP 751.57), start of a 6,400 ft. east/south side siding to Banks (MP 750.2), where Direct Control System (now TWC?) starts, and MP 749, turning east-northeast, following the riverbank, past a detector at MP 745.1, and two dirt track grade crossings in the woods, east, past two grade crossings, northeast, past rail-served plants with tank cars to the north, and southeast, past two grade crossings, a street alongside to the south, two grade crossings in town, South Danville (MP 741.16), where there is a street and an old wooden depot to the north, a road alongside to the south, and extra tracks on the south side for an industry.

The line turns east, and then just north of due east, past two bridges over drainage, a bridge over a side river, Catawissa Junction, where there was once a connection with the erstwhile Reading at Catawissa, a road alongside to the south, two bridges over side rivers, a grade crossing in town, northeast, just east of due north, where the erstwhile Reading line once crossed on a still-extant multi-span through girder bridge across the river, northeast, past a rock wall to the south, a road bridge overhead, extra track to the south, East Bloomsburg (MP 728.70), just north of due east, past MP 723, a golf course to the south, a road bridge overhead, a dirt road grade crossing, a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead in town, Creasy, a dirt track grade crossing, the river alongside to the north, east, with a road alongside to the north, and east-northeast, past an angled grade crossing, two grade crossings, Intermediate Signals, a road alongside to the north, and Nescopeck (MP 716.41), where an erstwhile branch to Scotch Valley and Tomhicken once headed south, and an erstwhile line to Watsonville, also on the Buffalo Line, once headed north-northwest, across the river.