Vera (Portsmouth) to Kenova

From the junction between the NS Columbus District, coming down from just east of due north, and the NS Cincinnati District, from the northwest, and crossovers at Vera (MP 608.5), the former continues just west of due south, Two Main Tracks, Automatic Block Signals, Traffic Control, maximum speed 60 mph for intermodal trains and 50 mph for other freight trains, but local restriction 30 mph, with the westward track in Yard Limits (no TC), past crossovers at Spring Lane (MP 607.5), making a sweeping turn through southeast, past MP 607.1, where the speed restriction drops to 20 mph, crossovers at 15th Street (MP 606.9), where Traffic Control on the westward track begins and the Yard Limits on the westward track end, and crossovers at Gallia Street/GS (MP 605.9), where Yard Limits (no Traffic Control) on the westward track begin again, to just north of due east, along the north bank of the Ohio River, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), past Broadway Street (MP 605.7), where the speed restriction rises to 30 mph, Portsmouth Yard (MP 605.0), where the yard tracks are south of the main line, the dwarf signals at the west end of Star Yard (MP 603.7), MP 603.2, where overall Yard Limits end (but not on the westward track), West Avenue (MP 603.0), and crossovers and yard (to the north of the main line) at Star Yard (MP 602.1), where the speed restriction ends.

The line makes a sweeping curve to the south, following the north bank of the Ohio River, with a 45 mph speed restriction on curves between MP 602.1 and MP 600.7, past the multi-span through-truss bridge carrying the CSX line to Columbus overhead, Wheelersburg (MP 596.2), Allentown, a turn south-southeast, detectors at "Franklin Furnace" (MP 593.5), "Franklin Furnace", the 6,275 ft. siding at Gennetts (MP 591.3), Haverhill (MP 588.8), on Track 1, where Track 2 becomes ABS, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), the Haverhill Team Track (MP 587.9), a turn east-southeast, an 8,155 ft. siding, from Lawrence (MP 587.0), where Traffic Control resumes on both Main Tracks to Union (MP 585.2), where the line becomes double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), and reaches the bank of the Ohio River again, a turn southeast, past MP 581.0, where the maximum speed for intermodal trains drops to 55 mph, south-southeast, following the river, with a 45 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 581.0 to MP 578.1, past the yard at Ironton (MP 579.9), where teh erstwhile Detroit, Toledo & Ironton once trailed in on the east side.

There is a 40 mph speed restriction on curves from MP 578.1 to MP 577.7, where an erstwhile spur once headed east to Coal Banks, a 45 mph speed restriction, on curves from MP 577.7 to MP 573.8, Coal Grove, detectors at "Coal Grove" (MP 576.3), a turn south, still following the river, crossovers (45 mph on the crossovers) at South Point (MP 570.0), where Traffic Control resumes on both Main Tracks, a turn southeast, past Coach Track (MP 569.1), on Track 2, to North Kenova, MP 569.0, where the line turns south and maximum speed drops to 30 mph, for the multi-span through-truss bridge over the Ohio River, between Ohio and West Virginia, and the former C&O main line (where the joint passenger station once was), the wye junction with the Wayne Branch (MP 567.8), north end of the erstwhile Old Main Line heading southeast (and connecting to the former C&O line below) while today's line turns west, past the junction (west end of the wye) with the Kenova Belt Line (MP 59.13), and the west end of the yard at Kenova (MP 58.8).