Attleboro to Providence

From the junction where the Middlesboro Secondary Track trails in on the east side, and the MBTA passenger station with two side platforms at Attleboro (MP 197.0), where the number of tracks increases to four, the freight speeds on Tracks 1 and 2 revert to 45 mph, the speed limit on Track 3 is 30 mph and the freight speed limit on Track 4 becomes 40 mph, the Main Line continues south-southwest, CETC, overhead electrification, past the crossovers at Thatcher (MP 196.3), where Track 3 ends, a bridge over a street, two road bridges overhead, MP 195.0, where passenger speeds become 100 mph on Track 1 and 95 mph on Track 2, East Junction (MP 194.4), where the Main Line turns west-southwest while a line to East Providence continues south-southwest, and the crossovers at Hebronville (MP 193.8), where Track 4 (on the east side) ends.

There is a road bridge overhead, MP 192.0, where the freight speed limit drops to 25 mph on Track 1 and rises to 50 mph on Track 2, the MBTA passenger station, with two side platforms and a footbridge, at South Attleboro (MP 191.9), a road bridge overhead, an angled road bridge overhead, the state line between Massachusetts and Rhode Island at MP 190.8, speed limits become 70/30 on both tracks at MP 190.0, the line bridges over the Providence & Worcester Main Line and passes detectors at MP 189.8, a bridge over a road, a road bridge overhead,  the MBTA passenger station with an island platform at Pawtucket (MP 189.7), with depot on the road bridge overhead at the south end, the junction at Lawn (MP 188.6), where a connector from the Providence & Worcester trails in on the north side,  two road bridges overhead, a multi-track maintenance yard on the east side, and a road bridge overhead.

The line turns south-southwest,  past three road bridges overhead, an "Interstate" alongside to the east, signals, Woodlawn, where it turns just west of due south, an angled road bridge overhead, a street alongside to the east, three road bridges overhead, and signals, and then turns west-southwest at the junction at ORMS (MP 185.6) with the Washington Secondary Track and the Providence & Worcester Main Line, trailing in from the east, past a street alongside to the east, three road bridges overhead, signals for the junction, a "tunnel" under the city center, and the passenger station, with island platform between the tracks in the "tunnel" at Providence (MP 185.1).