Beverly Junction to Ipswich

From the junction with the Gloucester Branch heading east at Beverly Junction (MP 18.7), the Ipswich line turns north, double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), maximum speed 60 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freights, but local 30/20 speed restriction on Track 1 to  Elliot Street (MP 18.9), past a 20 mph speed restriction at  Elliot Street (grade) Crossing (MP 18.9), a grade crossing at Balch Street (MP 19.4), a grade crossing at Cabot Street (MP 19.5), a 40 mph passenger speed restriction on Track 2 from a grade crossing at Tozier Road (MP 20.5) to a grade crossing at Dodge Street (MP 20.8) , the passenger station at North Beverly (MP 20.8), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction and an erstwhile line to Conomo once headed east, and the start of single track, CTC, at Chesley (MP 21.5).

There is a 30 mph westward speed restriction from a grade crossing at Larch Row (MP 22.3) to the passenger station at Hamilton and Wenham (MP 22.7), wehre the line turns just east of due north, a grade crossing at Bay Road (MP 22.8), a grade crossing at Asbury Street (MP 23.0), crossovers at Ipswich West (MP 26.9), Ipswich East (MP 27.5), a grade crossing at Topsfield Road (MP 27.7), the passenger station at Ipswich, where there is a 10 mph speed restriction, and Ipswich (MP 27.7), end-on junction with the former B&M Newburyport Running Track (Out-of-service in 1995).