Canton Junction to Stoughton

From the junction with the Providence Main Line at Canton Junction (MP 15.0), the Stoughton Branch leaves on the east side of the line, heading south-southeast, single track, CTC, with a 1,000 ft. siding from MP 15.1 to MP 15.5, maximum speed 30 mph for passenger trains and 25 mph for freights, with a local 20 mph speed restriction on the curve on the first 500 ft. from the junction switch, past a grade crossing at Washington Street (MP 15.6), the passenger station at Canton (MP 15.6), where the maximum speed for passenger trains rises to 40 mph, and signals CP-Canton (MP 15.7), turning southeast, past a grade crossing at Pine Street (MP 16.7), the passenger station at Springdale (MP 16.7), a private grade crossing at Will Drive (MP 17.1), a spur for Cohenno Lumber (MP 17.6), a grade crossing at Central Street (MP 17.9), the passenger station at West Stoughton (MP 18.0), a grade crossing at Simpson Street (MP 18.1), a grade crossing at School Street (MP 18.6), MP 18.7, where the maximum speed for passenger trains drops to 30 mph, with a 10 mph speed restriction on curves south of this point, a grade crossing at Porter Street (MP 18.8), a northward signal at CP-Porter (MP 18.8), where CTC and Automatic Block Signals end, the passenger station at Stoughton (MP 18.8), where there is an 850 ft. siding, a grade crossing at Wyman Street (MP 18.9), a grade crossing at Brock Street (MP 19.2), and the end of track (MP 19.6).