South Junction to South Bay Junction

From South Junction/Tower 1 (MP 228.o), Two Main Tracks continue south-southwest, CTC, maximum speed 25 mph on Track 1 and 20 mph on Track 2, but with a local 5 mph speed restriction over the Fort Point Channel Bridge, past the start of Running Tracks 5 and 6 (10 mph speed restriction), off Track 2, 1,000 ft. west of Tower 1 (and west of the bridge), which extend into the MBTA Southampton Street Yard lead on the west side of the main tracks, the junction with the former Conrail/New Haven spur from the Marine Industrial Area, trailing in on the east side, off Track 1 at Broadway (MP 227.8), A Street Yard on the east side of the line, and crossovers at South Bay (MP 227.0), where there is a tower, the yards end, the former New Haven line to Braintree and beyond (out-of-service, in 1995) departs on the east side, the Dorchester Branch turns south-southwest, and the maximum speed rises to 60 mph for passenger trains and 30 mph for freights.