81st Street to Pullman Junction/Calumet Yard

The former Chicago & Wstern Indiana connection south from Ashland Avenue and 47th Street leaves the Metra Southwest (former Wabash) line at 74th Street, forming the east leg of a wye which has its south apex at 81st Street (MP 515.7), where the NS Chicago Terminal line begins, in Yard Limits, with a single "Stack Connection Track" on the east side of the Belt Railway of Chicago (which owns the south leg of the wye), with all tracks edging just east of due south and  passing benath the bridge carrying the Metra Rock Island Line overhead, and two crossovers between NS and BRC before the NS line turns south and expands at the south end of the interlocking to become Two Main Tracks, Traffic Control (CTC), maximum speed 40 mph, bridging over the BRC with the former Chicago & Eastern Illinois tracks to its west.

The NS tracks (still former C&WI) now turn east, with the single track Chicago Rail Link coming alongside to the south and the three tracks of the BRC to the north, bridging over the Dan Ryan Expressway, with the CTA Red Line in its median, turning east-southeast, with all lines remaining parallel, past a signal bridge extending over NS and BRC at MP 514, turning east and bridging over the Metra Electric and the Illinois Central Main Line at MP 513, reducing to single track before a connection from the BRC trails in on the north side at Pullman Junction (MP 512.3), where the line turns south-southeast, past a flat crosisng with the CRL, onto the original route of the Nickel Plate, with former C&WI tracks (now owned by NS) on the east side, and a connection on the west side with a link from the CRL, that becomes the former Nickel Plate mains and the yard leads at the north end of Calumet Yard (MP 511.0).