Argo to Joliet

At Argo (MP 13.1), there is a flat crossing with the Indiana Harbor Belt, with speed limit 40-30 through the crossing, and connectors in the north, east and south quadrants, with a signal bridge at the south connector. There is a coal-fired power plant, industrial tracks into many silos,  and tank farms along the southeast side of the 2MT, ABS, 79-60-40 line heading south-southwest, with a grade crossing and a dirt road grade crossing into a tank farm on the west side, Intermediate Signals at Justice, and then housing on the east side, dual road bridge overhead (US 12, 20 and 45), a wide road bridge overhead (I-294), and more housing on the east side of the line before it passes a curve with a 60-40 speed limit, the Metra station at Willow Springs (MP 17.5), where the platform and parking lot are on the east side, and a road bridge overhead (Willow Springs Road).

The line curves slowly, following the river/canal, to the south-southwest, past a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, a private grade crossing as it turns southwest, a road bridge overhead (Kingery Highway, SR 83) as it curves further southwest, a bridge over Grant Road, a through truss bridge over a river, a tank car siding on the southeast side, a rail-served tank farm (spurs trail in) on the northwest side, and a curve to the west-southwest, grade crossings at McGuire Parkway and South Boyer Street, a bridge over drainage, Main Street comes alongside to the south, a bridge over drainage, a spur trails in from a power station on the canal/river, Pruxne Street (to that power station) bridges overhead, a grade crossing, a grade crossing at Stephen Street, and Slate Street bridges overhead at Lemont (MP 25.3), as the line turns almost west.

There is a bridge over drainage, with East New Avenue alongside to the south, a private road grade crossing, a curve west-southwest, a large container storage yard on the north side, a grade crossing at Cico Road, and a pipeline bridge overhead into a petrochemical plant, and then turns south, with speed limit 50-30 on the curve, past a tank farm on the east side, a pipeline bridge overhead, Romeo, a tank farm on the west side, with New Avenue still alongside to the east, past crossovers at Flagstone (MP 28.8), a grade crossing at East 135th Street, a dirt track grade crossing, a bridge over drainage, a private road grade crossing adjacent to industrial track into an oil refinery at Lockport, to the west, South New Avenue to the east, a bridge over drainage, derelict land to the west, North State Street (SR 171) to the east, a grade crossing at East 2nd Street, a grade crossing at West 8th Street, Lockport (MP 32.9), grade crossings at West 9th Street (SR 7), and West Division Street, Canal Street alongside to the west, a bridge over drainage, and a footbridge overhead to a through girder railroad bridge carrying the double track Elgin, Joliet & Eastern main line overhead.

There is a bridge over drainage, signals, two EJ&E spurs connecting in from the east, amid heavy industry on the east side, a grade crossing at Ohio Street, signals, the Santa Fe tracks appear on the west side, a grade crossing at Jackson Street, and the Santa Fe line trailing in on the west side to form a four track joint line as far as South Joliet, with the line now on a viaduct above the city, past a bridge over Cass Street, a bridge over Clinton Street, a signal bridge across the line, Silver Cross Field (baseball stadium) across Mayor Artis Schultz Drive to the east, a bridge over Van Buren Street and a bridge over Jefferson Street, to the Union Station at Joliet (MP 36.7), with the concrete depot located in the northwest quadrant of the flat crossing with the former Rock Island main line, now single and owned by Metra, and Joliet Tower in the northeast quadrant of the flat crossing.