Ashland Avenue to Root Street

Tracks 2 and 3 pass along the north side of the Ashland Avenue Yard, with the yard tower to their north, bridging over Ashland Avenue as three yard leads come alongside to the south, and over Packers Avenue as there are crossovers and the yard leads connect in. The line angles east-northeast, maximum speed 15 mph, with two leads to the remnants of the Chicago Union Stock Yard heading away to the south, and turns east, with two more leads into the stock yards on the south side, a grade crossing with Racine Avenue, and leads from the New State Line industrial tracks and State Line industrial tracks, trailing in on the north side.

There is a grade crossing with Morgan Street, signals, an east-facing spur from the stockyards, industrial spurs trailing in on both sides, Butler Street crossover, wye tracks north into the C&EI (UP) 35th Street Yard and south into the Wabash (NS) 47th Street Yard, and connecting south to the former PRR at CP 518, and a connector east passing beneath the C&WI and PRR tracks, and then under bridges carrying the Dan Ryan Expressway and the CTA Red Line, to a wye at Root Street with the Metra Rock Island District (former joint New York Central), where the line once continued east to the Illinois Central Main Line at 39th Street.