BRC Connections to BOCT Connection

The Belt Railway of Chicago and former C&WI bridge overhead, with connectors in the northeast and southeast quadrants, between 91st Street and 95th Street, a bridge over 95th Street within the southeast quadrant connector, and the double track, 65-50 mph, line (with the two additional, slower speed, 'Thoroughfare' lines alongside) continues south-southwest, with the Metra Electric line still to its west, past MP 12, Intermediate Signals on a signal bridge, a bridge over a street, MP 13, bridges over 103rd Street, 105th Street, 107th Street, 108th Street, 109th Street, MP 14, bridges over 111th Street and 112th Street, signal bridges and crossovers, a bridge over 113th Street, Kensington (MP 14.5), where the South Shore Line's tracks swing southeast as a single crossing, crossing the IC main line at grade, with speed limits 20-10 on the main line through the interlocking, with a tower and connector in the NE quadrant, a bridge over Kensington Avenue under the crossing, and  ABS giving way to CTC at the south signal bridge, passing MP 15, and then beneath the angled concrete bridge carrying the former C&EI line, and passing the five track IC Wildwood Yard on the east side of the line, with signal bridges and crossovers at Wildwood (MP 15.5), a bridge over 130th Street, a connector on the east side, in the eastern quadrant of the bridge over the B&OCT (just east of its Barr Yard), a bridge over the Grand Calumet River, and then the bridge over the B&OCT and NS lines passing (and crossing) beneath.