Bridgeport to Corwith X-ing

At Bridgeport (MP 3.5), the IC line to the west and the former Santa Fe line diverge to the west, with speed limit 10 mph through the interlocking, and the former Alton line continues southwest, with the elevated CTA line still alongside to the southeast, past a bridge over West 31st Street, dual bridges overhead for I-55, a bridge over South Wood Street, South Wolcott Avenue alongside to the northwest, a bridge over West 33rd Street, a bridge over South Damen Avenue, a bridge over West 34th Street, a bridge over South Hoyne Avenue, South Hamilton Avenue alongside to the west, a bridge over West 35th Street, a bridge over South Leavitt Street, the CTA 35th/Archer station on the Orange Line, a bridge over South Oakley Avenue, a bridge over South Western Boulevard, and a bridge over South Western Avenue, and then turns west (as the Orange Line turns away south) across the Brighton Park X-ing (known to the IC as Panhandle, MP 5.1), where the speed limit is 10 mph across the crossing.

This flat crossing is unusual in that until July 7, 2007, when it was converted to an interlocking controlled from the nearby NS (former CR) Ashland Avenue Yard, to the southeast, it had no interlocking and was still controlled by a crossing-tender with manually-controlled signals and flags. Three separate north-south railroads, having a total of four main tracks, cross the IC at Panhandle: the ex-Chicago Junction, ex-B&O Chicago Terminal, and the former PRR "Panhandle" line to Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati.

Continuing westward, still 2MT, with CTC changing to ABS, the IC line passes the west end of connectors in the northwest and southwest quadrants right at a bridge over South Maplewood Avenue, crossovers, a bridge over South Rockwell Street, a bridge over South Washtenaw Avenue, signals at the east end of the yards and facilities north and south of the line, a bridge over South California Avenue, the Brighton Park Yard on the north side of the line, and an Amtrak Maintenance facility with a large corrugated shed on the south side of the line, a bridge over South Albany Avenue, the east ends of the yard and facilities, a bridge over South Kedzie Avenue and a bridge over South Homan Avenue, and turns west-southwest before reaching a connector in the southeast quadrant and the flat crossings with the former Santa Fe at Corwith (MP 6.6), where there are two double-track former Santa Fe lines on flat crossings, one north  to the Canalport industrial district, and one north-northwest, turning west-southwest to connect to the Santa Fe's mainline to the west, both bridging over I-55 just to the north of the IC line.