CP 509 to Hammond Whiting

The line passes a through girder bridge over the Belt Railway of Chicago, from which a connector trails in from the west on the south side of the line, and a signal bridge and crosses the through girder movable bridge over the Calumet Channel (on which the speed limit is 30 mph), with the erstwhile New York Central bridge permanently open on the north side, to CP 509 (MP 509.7), once known as River Junction, where IHB now operates a line that heads away south along the east bank of the Calumet Channel, and the CSX (ex-B&O) line departs to run parallel on the northeast side of the erstwhile NYC right-of-way, while the former Conrail line continues along the former PRR right-of-way. The speed limit rises to 70-50 as the Double Track line continues southeast past a signal bridge at Colehour Junction (MP 508.7), where a PRR line once headed south, from a wye, to Hegewisch and Maynard (a route once taken by Amtrak's Cardinal), across the state line (MP 508.3) into Indiana, and past three bridges over streets, derelict land to the north (the former New York Central right-of-way,  Colehour Yard (ex-PRR), on the southwest side of the line at MP 508.0 to CP 507 (MP 507.2), where the yard ends and an IHB line turns away south-southwest, a double track line parallel on the north side, a road bridge overhead, and a grade crossing west of Amtrak's Hammond-Whiting station (MP 507.0), with a portable depot on the north side, where the speed limit is 55-50.